Cook Like a Pro with a Sous Vide

Never overcook your food again with these best sous vide options

Sous vide immersion circulators take the guesswork out of cooking proteins and vegetables.Amazon

Sous vide immersion circulators are a great way to cook any kind of protein or vegetable, making overcooking nearly impossible. They’re easy to use but perhaps intimidating to shop for, so we’re here to help.

Smart tool

Start your cooking while you are away and receive notifications, all from your phone.Anova

Anova has been building sous vide equipment for more than a decade, being one of the first to do so. This means the company has worked out most of the kinks and quirks that come along with sous vide preparation and cooking. One of its newest releases, the Nano, is also its smallest. The 750-watt sous vide immersion circulator is 12.8 inches long and is meant to stow away in drawers, perfect for apartments and those with limited counter space. The application hooks up to WiFi and Bluetooth, giving you access to Anova’s library of recipes and cooking guides, all of which you can program your Nano with.

Good for beginnings

It has an operating range of 68 to 203 degrees Fahrenheit with a maximum operation time of 72 hours.Instant Pot

Just because it’s a piece of kitchen tech, doesn’t mean it has to drain your wallet. The Accu Slim Sous Vide from Instant—the company that makes the Instant Pot—offers a budget option for those who want to start cooking with a sous vide. This 800-watt immersion circulator is 12.9 inches long, so it is also easy to store. It does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, so you have to set the sous vide manually and use the timer, but that is easily accomplished.

Versatile options

An adjustable clamp means you can attach this to any pot or plastic bin, making it versatile and easy to break down and store.Anova

If you plan on getting into sous vide or want to upgrade your current immersion circulator, then the 1,000-watt sous vide from Anova should be at the top of your list. This sous vide is built to last, featuring a stainless steel removable skirt so that you can clean the inside of the circulator. Just like its smaller sibling, the Anova is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and works with the Anova Culinary app giving you access to recipes and cooking guides.

Never overcook food again

The heating element is close to the bottom, so it will work in shallower water.Breville

Breville packed a 1,100-watt sous vide into a sleek and stylish 11-inch package, making the Joule attractive for its heating capabilities and aesthetics. The Joule is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready and can connect to Breville’s Joule app so you can cook from anywhere. The magnetic base on the Joule differs from other sous vide circulators that hook on to the edge of the pot. The base allows you to put the sous vide virtually anywhere in the water.