Cool Off with these Popsicle Molds

Making your own popsicles can be easy if you have the right tools

Popsicles are a treat you can make at home, if you have the right molds.Pixabay

Few things capture the essence of childhood innocence like a simple popsicle. Back in the day, your freezer was probably stuffed with store-bought pops in every flavor from neon orange to jungle berry. Today, kids and kids-at-heart can still enjoy these frozen treats but do so more responsibly with homemade recipes with natural ingredients. If you’re ready to tackle the popsicle challenge, here are three popsicle molds we recommend.

Includes four freeze-and-feed molds with handles designed for little hands.Nuby Garden

Nuby designed these popsicle molds for toddlers and kids - they’re perfect for teething babies. They work with juice and homemade purees. Each pack includes four molds with handles and a freezer tray. They’re BPA free and include a wide base so that the melting popsicle doesn’t create a mess.

Get creative and fill these with juice, a fruit puree, yogurt, apple sauce and more.Wellood

Make a juice bar or even an ice cream bar with this versatile kit from Wellood. The built-in drip guard keeps everyone clean while they feast on any recipe you can dream up. They’re reusable, and the set includes a folding funnel and brush to make clean-up a breeze.

The handles on these have built-in drip guards to keep hands and clothes clean.Ozera

The premium plastic design means these molds will last year after year. Fill them with juice, pudding, yogurt or anything you can dream up. Once the pops are frozen, they can be individually stored in the freezer to save space.