Our Picks for Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Ditch the cords and gas mowers and try these eco-friendly mowers instead

Pull the plug and go cordless with your mowing.Amazon

We all know the inherent exercise and fresh air involved in mowing the lawn is a good thing to have in our lives. There’s also that great feeling of satisfaction when you behold your freshly mowed, tidy-looking yard complete with neatly organized lines and crosslines in the cut grass. Consider a cordless lawnmower, and never run out of gas again in the middle of a mow. These machines work on batteries. Before you spend the green, check out our favorites.

Smart technology

This model figures out how thick your grass is and adjusting to give you more power or duration.Greenworks

Double blades cut the grass evenly and make short work of grass mowing. There are 20 inches of cutting area making this machine able to get into narrow areas. The included charger and two 4 Ah and 2 Ah batteries give this lawnmower lots of power, and it conveniently weighs about 40 pounds less than a comparable gas-powered mower. Great for medium size lawns as the cordless mower runs for an hour on one charge.

All you need

Save on expense and garage space from not having to buy all the different tools for what this machine can do all in one.BLACK+DECKER

Imagine an edger that’s a trimmer rotating 90 degrees. Then imagine a mower cart attachment that slides onto the trimmer, and there you have it. This three-in-one lawn tool changes from a mower to a trimmer and an edger with the push of a pedal. The way this garden implement is designed, you don’t have to bump the spool or stop to extend the trimming line. The long-lasting dual batteries allow you to work on every corner of your yard for up to two and a half hours.

Mulches, too

Cut your grass as short as 1 inch, and up to 2.5 inches with ease that you never experienced with your combustion-engine mower.Scotts

This cordless lawnmower offers a 14″ blade for getting between trees and around landscaping features. Little and light, this fully electric lawnmower gives you a quieter way to mow and mulch. The handle is adjustable for different heights but also for storage. No raking required. It’s easy to snap on and snap off the rear mulching bag. Share a little of the mulch with your tomato plants. They’ll appreciate it.

Edge to edge precision

Adjust the lever to choose how high to cut the lawn, and mow up to 1⁄8 of an acre in one charge.WORX

You know how it is when you’re mowing and you run into a clump of really thick grass? Before you back up, this cordless mower has Torque On Demand. At your fingertips is extra power for a smooth and satisfying mowing experience. The double batteries fit right into the included double battery charger. It also charges other Worx batteries. Or mow with just one battery while the other one charges, which is a great feature.