Best Cuban Coffee K-Cups

Savor a stronger accent on your morning cup of coffee with these great K-cup options

Ready for a serious pick-me-up?Pixabay

Truth be told, it took me decades longer than most to become a coffee drinker. In college, I preferred an ice cold tumbler of Jolt Cola to traditional caffeine sources. It was only after a trip to South Florida introduced me to the unique delight of Cafe Cubano that I came around to my senses. Today, I yearn for each morning to begin with some toasted Cuban bread with guava jelly and a tiny cup of this brewed delight. Thanks to Keurig brewers, the taste of the coffee is now available in convenient single service sizes. Here are my favorite Cuban coffee K cups.

Small batch preparation

Hints of cocoa, vanilla, caramel and chicory will have you hooked.Oriente Cuban

I’m a big fan of Maud’s coffee brands - the maker of this Oriente blend occupies no less than six different varieties of joe waiting for me each morning on top of my fridge - but this flavor is my day-starter. I usually follow it up a few hours later with their half-caff brand to even out the energy level. For warmer mornings or afternoons, I recommend brewing up a Cuban K-cup, adding it to a tumbler of ice and finishing it off with some skim milk. Thank me later.

Latin accent

The creamy texture associated with this style of coffee is impressive in this option.Café Bustelo

The milk is already in this K cup from Cafe Bustelo, so no need for a dairy run if you’re out of your preferred mixer. For the perfect serving, set your brewing machine to the 8-ounce setting.

Flavor options

This brew comes from a dark roast ground Arabica coffee that has the approval of the Rainforest Alliance.Hurricane

In Florida, hurricanes are no joke - but tropical storms are part of life here. Hurricane Coffee has several Florida-friendly flavors, headlined by their Cuba blend. Others include Butter Toffee Tsunami, Cape Verde Decaf, Category 5, Coconut Fudge Typhoon, Colombia El Nino and Noreaster.

A sweeter take

Chocolate, sugar and milk combine with the coffee for an indulgent finish.Café Bustelo

This brew is a new-comer to my coffee K-cup collection. At first sip, I thought it had more of a “hot chocolate” taste, but as I finished my first cup, I became addicted to the alluring decadence of the drink. Try it over ice for a different take on a classic combination.