Go Old School with a DVD/VHS Combo Player

Play your old tapes and not-so-old DVD discs with this special player

Don't throw away those VHS tapes - just buy a DVD/VHS player.Pixabay

There’s just something about old movies. Watching a classic film is like spending a little time with an old friend. From Harry Potter to Dirty Harry, there’s a motion picture for everyone in the family. Like some of us, you might have some boxes, drawers, cartons, or shelves filled with silver screen celluloid. What you need is a DVD/VHS combination player so you can watch it all.

Simple design

S-video (standard video) output combined with the HDMI connectivity, give you high-definition picture quality from your recordings.Magnavox

So easy to use, we love the front audio and video jacks. They make it simple to attach your favorite video gaming console, too. This DVD/VCR combo player doesn’t just play games, but DVDs, rewritable CDs and DVDs, MP3s, and videotapes as well. The VCR has a four-head player so your videos look as good as the day you filmed them back when you had that bulky camera on your shoulder.

Upgrade your home theater

When you watch your recordings, you’ll love the amazing sound quality from the DTS and Dolby Digital Sound processing that’s ready to connect to your surround sound.Sony

This video scan feature means you can quickly search for your scene, which we all love. The technology scans the pixels and then uses algorithms to improve picture quality. Videos, video CDs, super video CDs (SVCDs), and CDs and DVDs of all sorts are welcome here. We love that you can play your DVD and record on your VCR at the same time. You can set up to eight timers so you won’t miss any of your favorite shows. (Does anyone need more than eight timers?!) When you’re done watching, the flash rewind feature gets your tapes back to start – in a flash.

Great for guests

We like how the remote and the front display controls are intuitive and easy to understand and use.MAGNAVOX

This DVD/VCR combo player connects to your cable box or satellite input, so you can watch and record anywhere in your home. Also, connecting to your existing compatible TV or cable means this device allows you to record directly to VHS tapes. The back panel has all the connections including audio, video, and digital. We keep one in the guest room so jet-lagged or bored travelers can relax with some privacy. It’s a win-win.

Everything you want

No matter what kind of digital surround sound setup you have, the optical and digital outputs connect to all receivers.Toshiba

This DVD/VCR combo is so versatile. It lets you play all those funky formatted discs and MP3s you created on your computer. We love using this to record from DVD to VHS because it keeps the colors true. It’s got zoom, it can remember your favorite scenes – bookmarking – and it also skips commercials. (We all appreciate that.) The VHS has 4 heads and gives you nice high-resolution still frames.