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Don’t fret your mistakes - just erase them


October 14, 2021
Don’t fret your mistakes – just clean them up. Pixabay

Hundreds of years ago, people used soft gritty stones like pumice, others used soft bread or wax. But in 1770, when an engineer discovered that bits of rubber tree plants could gently erase pencil lead from paper, he started marketing them. Maybe you’ve heard them called ‘rubber’ or ‘gum erasers’ because they were made from natural rubber gum.

In 1839, tire-maker Charles Goodyear revolutionized the industry when he developed a way to make rubber stronger and more durable. He also found that this cured rubber made an excellent pencil eraser, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Large, 12 Count

Standard choice

Made of 100 percent latex-free rubber, these are a familiar sight around the schoolroom. Paper Mate

Great for taking any test where you need to completely and cleanly erase your marks. Have you started writing a letter on unlined paper and realized a few lines in that your lines don’t flow straight across the paper? Grab an eraser and quickly clear your paper and be done with your practice round. This package of a dozen familiar pink erasers have both a long flat side and some diagonal corners, great for lines and detailed erasing.


Buy: Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, Large, 12 Count

Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, Large, White, Pack of 4 (ZEH10BP4)

Great deal

Not just regular school pencils, but these gentle erasers are ideal for colored pencils and watercolor pencils, too. Pentel

These top-quality erasers are great little values. Why not tuck a few in the school supplies donation bin? The smooth block eraser only needs a soft touch to easily removes pencil lines. Because of their hi-polymer construction, these four white erasers will stay soft for use month after month. It also means that they’re gentle on paper and won’t pull and tear it, or leave smudges and smears. The block-style erasers have sleeves to keep your eraser clean, too.

Buy: Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, Large, White, Pack of 4

Mr. Pen Pencil Top Erasers, Cap Erasers, 120 Pack

So convenient

Simple to use and since they’re so small, they’re easy to store and tote in pouches or boxes. Mr. Pen

Just flip over your pencil and quickly erase your pencil marks without missing a beat. About 20 years after Charles Goodyear started manufacturing pencil erasers, pencil top erasers started appearing on the pencils of the late 1850s. In pink, purple, yellow, and green, these erasers add a touch of color to 120 standard-sized pencils. Since they’re latex-free, they won’t scratch or rip even the thinnest of pages.

Buy: Mr. Pen Pencil Top Erasers, Cap Erasers

STAEDTLER Mars Plastic, Premium Quality Vinyl Eraser, White, Latex-free, Age-resistant, Minimal Crumbling (526 50 BK) (single pack)

Individually wrapped

Its sharp corners aim to up small areas with little wear. STAEDTLER

If you’re looking for the Mercedes Benz of erasers, this could be your choice. (It’s just a coincidence they’re also made in Germany, right?) Each eraser is individually wrapped and comes in a protective wrap to ensure it’s clean and fresh. It’s also phthalate- and latex-free, making it eco-friendly. And it works on paper, vellum, drafting film, and more.


Buy: STAEDTLER Mars Plastic, Premium Quality Vinyl Eraser

Ticonderoga Neon Erasers, Assorted Colors, 15 Count (38931)

Beveled edges

They’re also certified as completely not toxic. Ticonderoga

The crisp corners and lines on these assorted erasers make it simple to erase with precision. This combination package of 15 erasers adds color to your classroom supplies. With 12 neon purple, yellow, pink, and green pencil top erasers and three more brightly colored larger erasers, you’ll be ready to amend any pencil mismarks you should accidentally make. Designed to be gentle and easy for small hands, these pencil erasers are effective enough that artists and teenagers find them whimsical to use, too.

Buy: Ticonderoga Neon Erasers


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