Top Floor Sweepers

Clean your floors quickly and quietly with these floor sweepers

Need help maintaining sparkling clean floors? Here are our recommendations.Unsplash

When you want to clean your floors quickly and quietly, all you need is a quality floor sweeper. They are lightweight, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Quiet too

These inexpensive options work on all floor surfaces, and they will quickly become your family favorite.Bissell

Admit it, you dread lugging that heavy, bulky vacuum cleaner everywhere. And that noise…ugh. Sometimes all you need is a quiet and effective floor sweeper. It is lighter, cheaper, and a whole lot quieter than any vacuum cleaner, and it’s better for the environment too. Clean floors in your home are only a click away.

Tough but gentle

This PVC-free model features a soft bumper to protect your furniture.Bissell

This sweeper is invaluable for cleaning up everyday messes. It is completely manual, so it doesn’t require electricity or batteries to operate. Simply roll it back and forth to clean up the messes. You will love how effective it is without making any noise. It’s powerful enough to clean just about any floor, but also soft and gentle to be used on area rugs. The dual rotating brush rolls pick up small and big messes.

Dry pick

Sweeping cloths can easily be swapped out when they become dirty or worn out.Swiffer

This sweeper combines the suction of a vacuum cleaner and the quiet power of dry sweeping cloths. Lightweight and compact, this unit features a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It boasts triple cleaning action that’s particularly effective on dust and hair. This sweeper uses a thick Swiffer Sweeper dry sweeping cloth to dig deep and pick up dirt from textured grout lines and crevices. Works particularly great on tile, linoleum, and hardwood floors.