Get Brewing with these 4 Great Electric Kettles

Tea or coffee? Either will please with these electric kettles

Kettle on the stovetop.
Change up your daily tea break with a new kettle.Pixabay

We’ve been trained to think about the basic design and usefulness of a kettle since kindergarten: “I’m a little teapot - short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout.” That friendly little ditty dates back to 1941, when tea was all the rage in Britain during the second world war. Today, it’s a good reminder that when it comes to shopping for a kettle, the basics are always important. Much has evolved over the decades - electric kettles are all the rage thanks to their energy-efficient construction. Here are four electric kettles that will fit you to a T.

Brewing the perfect cup

Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle
This traditional crowd-pleaser holds temperatures between 140 and 208 degrees for up to 60 minutes.Bonavita

This electric kettle from Bonavita has every feature a coffee or tea fan needs, including real-time temperature display, a count-up timer, gooseneck spout and BPA-free construction. The kettle can be adjusted to single digit increments, allowing you to brew the perfect cup.

Thoughtful features

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle with 5 Variable Presets
With 1,200 watts, this appliance can boil a full kettle in under 5 minutes.COSORI

This gooseneck kettle from Cosori looks like a droid straight out of Star Wars. Aside from its “Empire”-friendly exterior, it features an auto shut-off switch, stainless steel construction, a chemical-free lining and five temperature presets. The spout is designed for optimal pour-over rates and the counterbalanced handle makes the entire experience more comfortable.

Simplicity at its best

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle
This kettle’s cordless design allows for easy filling, serving and storage.AmazonBasics

Boil up to a liter of water quickly with this 1,500-watt kettle from AmazonBasics. The filter can be easily removed for easy and frequent cleaning. It’s ideal for anything from tea to coffee or even cooking instant soup.

Looks as good as it brews

Ovente Electric Glass Kettle 1.5 Liter with Heat Tempered Borosilicate Glass
It has an auto-shutoff feature when the pot reaches its boiling point.Ovente

The stunning look is probably the first thing you notice about this kettle from Ovente, but wait until you use it. A halo of blue LED lights illuminate the pot when it’s in use while a planet-friendly liner safely boils water without the danger of BPA particles. An auto shutdown button keeps the kitchen and house safe when brewing is complete.