Go Nuts with these 3 Great Peanut Packs

Fight away between-meal hunger pangs with these popular peanut packs

A bunch of unshelled peanuts.
Craving some peanuts? We found the right snack packs for you.Pixabay

Did you know peanuts are also called “ground nuts” and “goobers?” Okay, maybe you did. More than 44 tons of shelled peanuts are produced each year, which is great because they’re used in making peanut butter, peanut oil, peanut flour and are often used as ingredients in hundreds of cuisines around the world. To many of us though, peanuts are beloved as a crunchy snack. When you need a handful of nuts to get you to your next meal, here are three peanut packs we recommend.

On-the-go snacks

Planters Variety Packs (Salted Cashews, Salted Peanuts & Honey Roasted Peanuts) Individual Bags of On-the-Go Nut Snacks
Each pack contains 15 bags of salted peanuts, 15 honey roasted peanuts and six salted cashews.Planters

When you think Planters, the image of “Mr. Peanut” probably flashes first in your brain. Our top-hatted friend dates back to 1916 when a young schoolboy won a design contest with the first cartoon version of the animated peanut. More than a century later, Planters’ nuts are still an institution, but one that has evolved with the times. These snack packs are cholesterol and trans-fat free, so munch without any guilt.

Peanuts from Virginia

Kirkland Signature Super XL VA Peanuts
These snacks are vegan friendly, containing only peanuts, peanut oil and salt.Kirkland

Kirkland uses a centuries-old process for their peanuts called “blister roast,” which gives their nuts an extra-crunchy texture. These nuts are processed with just a touch of salt to keep them close to the way they were originally eaten back in the early 1800s.

A taste explosion

Munchies Peanut Variety Pack (Salted, Flamin' Hot, Honey Roasted)
This pack includes 10 bags of Flamin’ Hot peanuts, 10 of the honey roasted variety and 16 bags of salted peanuts.Munchies

There’s not a single memory of college that doesn’t involve finding a half dozen bags of Munchies nuts in my backpack. I think I lived on Flamin’ Hot nuts and Diet Cherry 7-Up from the campus vending machines. They’re perfect for guilt-free snacks between meals, and these bags are single-serving - whether they’re meant to be or not!