Go Old School with these Classic Video Game Systems

Rewind your home video game adventures to the good old days with these systems

Recapture your youth with a videogame system from the past.Sega

Grab a bottle of SunnyD, some Gummi Bears and get ready to relive your childhood. Video game manufacturers have released re-imagined versions of their classic home arcade games, including systems by Genesis, Atari and PlayStation. With built-in games and easy-to-install sets, it’s never been more fun to play the classics. Here are a few systems we recommend.

This “classic” take on the popular system includes Sonic, Mortal Kombat and other popular games.Sega

Thanks to its 16-bit system and the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sega Genesis was a major upgrade to the home video game industry when it hit North America back in 1989. This mini system of the original classic features stereo sound and includes original controller ports and two wired controllers.

This modernized version thankfully works with CHMI cables and comes with 110 built-in games.Atari

If there’s a Mayflower Rock of home video game systems, it’s likely the Atari 2600, which debuted in 1977. Pong - considered the first successful arcade game - was an Atari game after all, so it’s no surprise the 2600 included the old-school “paddles” for pong along with the iconic joystick controllers. The “Flashback” model looks like a mini version of the 2600 - right down to the signature “plastic wood” trim. Adventure, Space Invaders, Mission Control and Asteroids are just a few of the blockbuster titles already built into the console.

The console is about half the size of the original and has 20 preloaded games.PlayStation

The original PlayStation console was the first of its kind to sell 1 million units, a milestone it achieved in just under 10 years. Upon its release in the mid ‘90s, PS systems were revolutionary in that they offered more than a gaming system - it was one of the first online services. This classic edition, however, focuses on the games and includes two wired controllers, a virtual memory card and an HDMI cable to easy setup.