The Best Grips For Your Bike

Get a better hold on your handlebars with these grips

Get a grip…on your handlebars, that is.Unsplash

In order for you to ride your best you have to have a good grip on the handlebars. Here is a selection of grips for bikes with flat handlebars.

Great durability

Made of a German rubber compound with aluminum clamps to secure to the bar, these grips will stay intact over many comfortable miles.Ergon

If you have noticed your hands getting sore or tired from riding on your bike, these might be the best grips to upgrade to. Unlike a standard grip that requires a full clasp of the bar, these grips are designed so that your palms rest on the flat section while your fingers grasp around the bar. The result is a more ergonomically sound position that can greatly increase hand comfort over long distances.

Smooth ride

After a long ride on your bike, you’ll notice less fatigue in your hands thanks to the shock absorption.ESI

The grips follow the maxim that less is more, and they deliver on that promise. Made of 100 percent silicone, these thick grips offer a plush hold on your handlebars, absorbing an incredible amount of shock from bumps in the road.

Bold design

Available in many bold and understated colors, to match your bike or your attitude.Vktech

Crafted of rubber that is both durable and soft, these grips provide an excellent upgrade to most bike handlebars at an excellent value. Thanks to an intelligent pattern of raised areas with micro patterns, these grips are comfortable and provide excellent traction. You won’t have to worry about your hands slipping off the bars, as this pattern allows for a firm grip, even in the rain.