Help Your Kids Learn to Swim With Floating Aids

Get your little fishy swimming in no time

Relax and have fun around the pool with these floating aids.Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

Floating aids are a must have at some point for every kid. Both you and your child will be more at ease when you know there’s something keeping them afloat. You can go classic with a traditional vest or dive in to the life jacket with arm floaties. Here are our recommended finds.

Stylish water safety

Help your child make a big splash with this floating aid.Stearns

Want to make wearing a floating aid fun? Pick from a variety of styles to find a life jacket your child will love to wear. This one offers all kinds of sea creatures and bright fruits. This floating aid fits kids who are 30 to 50 pounds. Kids will also enjoy the freedom this floating aid offers while you can trust they won’t slip out thanks to the snug fit. The additional security of the safety buckle keeps kids from removing the vest without help so they can stay safe next time you’re relaxing by the pool.

Make sure it stays on

A safety harness will keep your kid from removing the vest without help and keeps it from sliding off.Body Glove

Note the different safety perks of each floating aid. It should be durable, include safety buckles, and not be easy for the child to slip out of. Knowing these features will keep your mind at ease as your child is learning how to swim. Get this floating aid for your child who is 30 to 50 pounds. Then, take advantage of the adjustable chest straps and quick release safety buckle to keep your kid snug and safe.

Consider fit

Different floating aids work for different sized children, so make sure to check the weight range before you make a purchase.Blue Mars

Don’t get caught off-guard. Just like a bathing suit, not every floating aid will fit your child. These floaties, which come in styles ranging from pink rainbow unicorn to red and yellow dinosaurs, work best for kids that are between 25 and 45 pounds. Use the extra slide buckle to make sure the fit is just right and to keep yourself from worrying about their safety around water.

Build confidence

Kids stay afloat with this traditional aid.Speedo

A classic vest allows your child’s arms to remain free while they learn to swim. This will give them the buoyancy they may still need while building their confidence to eventually swim without an aid. This vest is made of durable neoprene to keep your child warm while they float in every body of water. The front zipper allows for easy application and removal no matter how wet your kid is. However, the safety closure at the top keeps them from removing it without your help and the adjustable buckle strap keeps it fit to their body.