Best Cupholders for your Bike

Stay hydrated on every ride

Keeping your cool while on any bike is important for performance and recovery.Unsplash

Mount a cup or water bottle to your bike to stay hydrated on the go. Here’s a list of cupholders and water bottle cages we recommend.

Quick installation

These traditional water bottle cages can each hold a 26-ounce water bottle.USHAKE

This pair of heat-treated aluminum alloy water bottle cages are an excellent way to bring a large quantity of water or sports drinks along as you ride your bike. These cages mount to predrilled holes on the seat tube and downtube of your bike. An included 4mm hex wrench is all you need to use with the included screws to attach these cages to your bike. These durable cages will hold your bottles for years of happy riding.

Great for beginners

The universal cupholder mounts to many spots on your bike.Accmor

This easy-to-install, universal cupholder is a great way to introduce hydration to your bike rides. The clamp adjusts from 0.59 to 1.57 inches, so you can mount it to your handlebars, seatpost, or even to the top tube of some bikes. The cupholder itself is also adjustable, giving a firm hold to anything from a soda can to a coffee cup to a water bottle.

Anti-split grip

Multiple mounting possibilities makes hydration easy.ieasky

This water bottle holder takes design cues from traditional water bottle cages but does not need holes drilled in your frame. An adjustable clasp allows you to mount the water bottle holder to many places on your bike, including your stem, fork, seatpost and downtube. Once attached, the water bottle adjusts 360 degrees, so you can rotate it to an angle that won’t spill your drink. The water bottle holder has a gasket and anti-slip to hold your bottle firmly.

Colors that pop

Mount to your frame or handlebars in chromatic style.AIKATE

These traditional style water bottle cages are designed with a twist; they can be mounted to your bike frame in the predrilled holes, or to your handlebars with the included clamp. Available in black, blue, red, or silver, these bike cupholders add flair to your bike. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, the shiny colors will pop and make your bike visually stunning. An included hex wrench, screws, and shims make installation easy.