How To Mount Your Phone To Your Bike

Easily access maps, music, and more with these smartphone mounts

A phone mount can improve your ride with access to maps, camera, and music.Phonemount

These smartphone mounts help keep your phone close at hand for navigation or entertainment purposes while on a bike ride.

Double duty

Mount your phone and store your essentials with this case.Bike Phone

This bag doubles as a mount for your phone and a carrying case, with room for keys, snacks, wallet, and tools. Thanks to three Velcro straps, this bag has a near-universal fit, one strap attaches to the stem or headtube of your bike, while the other two latch onto the top tube. The phone slides into a slot with a highly sensitive TPU film, which has crisp image quality and touch sensitivity. This secure bag is designed with waterproof fabrics and zippers, so you can ensure your phone will stay dry and functional, even on a rainy day.

Adaptable pick

Lightweight construction and a secure hold makes this mount stand out.GUB Bicycle

This lightweight aluminum cradle offers excellent adjustability and a secure hold for your phone. The mount can accommodate numerous phones ranging from 4 to 7 inches wide. The aluminum mount that attaches to your bars comes with a number of rubber shims to adapt to any bicycle. This mount is attached to the phone cradle via a gimbal, so you can rotate the angle of your phone or even change it between horizontal and vertical orientations on the fly. Spongy rubber gaskets on the inside of the aluminum cradle protect your phone from scratches and bumps.

Sensor accommodations

A clever design allows for face ID and secure hold.Bovon

Four silicone claws and an anti-slip mat on the back of this phone mount keep your phone held tight without risk of scratches, bumps, or bruises. The claws keep your camera and home button accessible to use face ID and touch ID. This phone mount rotates 360 degrees, so you can orient your phone in whichever direction and angle you want depending on your map view and angle of the sun. The mount has a universal fit, allowing flexibility in both handlebars of your bike and size of your phone.

For the big screens

This product is suitable for mounting on motorized or man-powered rides.Roam Universal

The Roam mount can be easily installed on your bicycle thanks to the clamp and screw design. Simply remove the screw, clamp the mount onto any handlebar, and tighten the screw back on. The claw and silicone net combination also securely hold your phone to the bars, and the ball and joint design allow for 360-degree rotation for all your viewing needs.