Keep Time with these Wall Clocks

It’s time for you to invest in a trustworthy and fashionable wall clock

Is it time to buy a new wall clock?Pixabay

Stop being late to work or missing the start of your favorite TV show - it’s time to invest in a good wall clock. A great wall clock should be easy to read, keep the time accurately and still contribute to the overall attractiveness of your home. Here are a few different wall clocks that fit the bill.

This 10-inch clock has black numerals against a white face for easy viewing and features a silent non-ticking timing mechanism.Bernhard Products

Sometimes simple is best. If this clock brings back memories of the one in your 10th grade math class, well, that’s the only arithmetic required. It’s easy to hang and uses a single AA battery (not included). The second hand has a sweeping movement so there’s no ticking sound to distract you - unlike that dreaded clock back in high school.

Help your kids learn to tell time with this analog clock that uses colored numbers and shades to help them remember the basics.OWLCONIC

Owlconic has done all parents a big favor with this educational clock designed for kids’ rooms. Each quarter hour is shaded and labeled, and different colors help children create an association between the numbers and time. Plus, it features a silent sweeping motion so there’s no ticking to keep the kids awake at night.

This retro-looking clock has a silent second hand and includes an analog temperature sensor too.SMILEMARY

We were sold as soon as we saw the black-bronze framing and aging white dial face. The large numbers are easy to read, and it’s waterproof so feel free to hang it indoors or outdoors.