Our Favorite Bike Locks

Bike locks have evolved over time. Here are our recommendations

Keep your bike safe with a lock that can stand up to any challenge.Via Velo

Every 30 seconds, someone somewhere has their bike stolen. You can keep your bike from becoming a statistic with the right lock. Consider these bike locks for the top of the list.

Drill-resistant cylinder

A durable, all-weather model that’s easy to use and strong enough to keep your ride secure.Via Velo

Via Velo offers a 2-in-1, all-weather bike lock for seamless security. The u-lock provides a pull and drill resistant lock cylinder and thick woven steel cable construction. The lock is pick-resistant and comes with two keys designed to be difficult to copy. The cable consists of woven steel covered in PVC protective coating material to provide added protection. Included with the lock is a convenient mounting bracket for easy storage.

Double deadbolts for added security

Features a key-safe program, hardened max performance steel shackle, and a pass-through crossbar design.Kryptonite

This Kryptonite lock with cable offers a bolt cutter resistance steel shackle and three stainless steel keys, including one with a LED key fob. The hardened double deadbolts engage the shackle ends for added protection. The higher security disc-style cylinder is both pick and drill proof. This bike lock also comes with a flex frame, U-bracket that can fit multiple locations for easy storage.

Can stand up to 12 tons of shear

Strengthened with high-quality steel and a double looped ends steel cable with a PVC covering.UBULLOX

Ublullox provides a hammer resistance, anti-prying bike lock made with high tenacity steel for resistance. Along with the steel cable, this lock can resist up to 12 tons of hydraulic shear. The lock cylinder, made from a C-grade copper blade, further increases the security of the lock. Ubullox provides three keys, also pure copper, that are difficult to duplicate.

Braided cable a great feature

For those that prefer the old-school cable bike lock, try this smart five-digit resettable model.NDakter

NDakter offers a self-coiling and mounting bracket to go with its multi purpose cable lock. The lock comes in seven colors and allows for an almost infinite number of lock combinations. You can choose a five-digit combination one day and then change your mind the next. The braided cable comes with a scratch-proof PVC coating making this cable lock safe for just about any use.