Our Favorite Flavored Coffee K Cups

Change up your coffee break with these Keurig Cups of flavored brews

Put a smile on your face with a great flavored coffee.Pixabay

The days of dreary decaffeinated coffee is thankfully over. Modern-day brewers now offer a delicious menu of flavored coffees - blueberry vanilla, toasted grahams and even Banana’s Foster - that will tantalize your tongue. Here are three brands of decaffeinated Keurig Cup coffees that we can’t get enough of.

Coffee with a twist

This 100-pod pack includes flavors such as southern pecan, Vermont maple and even blueberry vanilla.Crave Coffee

Crave Coffee has really wowed its customers with this eclectic group of flavored coffees. Among the flavors offered: blueberry vanilla, cinnamon, hazelnut, caramel, butter toffee among others. Crave’s brews are free from sweeteners and are calorie-free.

Total indulgence

This 40-pod pack includes caramel, vanilla, cinnamon dolce, toffee nut and toasted graham.Starbucks

Starbucks lent five of its most popular flavors to this variety pack. Good luck deciding which one you crave more - we have friendly fights break out when we’re down to just the cinnamon dolce (with the flavors of cinnamon and butter) and the toasted graham pods. Bottom line: Nobody loses.

Beauty without the buzz

This 80-pod pack includes a variety of Maud’s most popular blends and flavors, but all decaffeinated.Maud's

We’ve long been singing the praises of Maud’s tea K Cups, so we were eagerly anticipating their flavored coffee options - they didn’t disappoint. The names are as whimsical as the tastes: Gone Banana’s Foster, Dunk Your Donut Shop Light Roast, Sister Hazelnut, French Toast Roast Cinnamon Roll With It and more. Sip carefree knowing that Maud’s pods are also recyclable.