Our Favorite Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps provide a relaxing glow in any space

Salt lamps lend more than beauty to the rooms they inhabit.Pixabay

Himalayan salt lamps are a popular way to add a romantic glow to your room as well as provide environmental benefits. It’s believed that Himalayan salt releases negative ions that help purify the air and remove toxins. This can help with asthma, allergies, sleep and more. Add a salt lamp to your bedroom, office, or living room for a relaxing atmosphere and calming ambiance.

This lamp is made from rock from Pakistan.Hymalayan Glow

Surround yourself with the warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp. This salt lamp will make a great addition to your office, living room and bedroom. The lamp features a preinstalled B15 light bulb, six foot power cord and a neem wool base.

Try putting this model on your nightstand for a relaxing night’s sleep.Levoit

Nothing calms a space like Levoit’s himalayan salt lamp. Levoit’s salt lamp weighs a sturdy 10 pounds. We love that the lamp features a touch dimmer to easily control brightness.

This lamp is available in two different sizes to fit in any space.The Body Source

Bring on the good vibes with this salt lamp. Made from Himalayan salt found in Pakistan, this rock lamp is believed to release negative ions that work to purify the air from allergens and pollution. Each lamp is already assembled so all you did to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the glow.

Every unit is hand carved for a unique design.Crystal Decor

These salt lamps come in a package of two and are seven inches tall. Like other salt lamps, Crystal Decor’s lamp features a wooden base and dimmable dial. Surprise your friends and family with the gift of a new salt lamp and you will not disappoint.