Our Favorite Pool Thermometers

These pool thermometers can help you decide when it’s swimming time

Is it warm enough to dive in? Here's the best way to find out.Pixabay

The perfect pool thermometer is different for every individual, though they all share a few things in common – one of the most important being that they’re easy to read without requiring you to even dip your toe into the water. Here are a few great pool thermometers to consider.

Not only can you test the water with this nifty device, you can also check the quality of the water.VIVOSUN

This pool thermometer is made with durable materials, features a high-quality design, and is easy to use. You’ll receive two devices, a pH meter, and a 3-in-1 TDS EC Temperature Meter when you purchase this VIVOSUN pool thermometer.

It's not the state bird, but it should be - at least when it comes to your pool.Pull Together

Cue the theme to “Miami Vice” when you put this flamingo thermometer in your pool. (Though it’s shatterproof and durable, it’s not a toy so keep it away from the kids.) It can read temperatures between 10 degrees and 120 degrees and includes a tether so you can keep it anchored in the right part of your pool. It also comes available as an alligator, turtle, tank (why?), and unicorn.

This easy-to-read model can read temperatures up to 100 degrees.Kingsource

When you’re picking a pool thermometer, the two most important factors are likely its durability and accuracy. Those are the strengths of this model from Kingsource. It’s shatter-resistant and is versatile enough to be used in a swimming pool, fish aquarium, or any similar body of water. It comes with a 3-foot lease and included an anchor plate if you’d prefer to measure the water temperature in the middle of the pool instead of at the surface.