Our Favorite Pressure Washers for Outside Cleaning

Overwhelmed by the pressure washer options out there? We’re here to help.

Super-charge your outdoor cleaning with a pressure washer.Greenworks

Caring for the outside of your home and outdoor surfaces can be a chore. However, a quality pressure washer can make these jobs a bit easier for you. The trick is finding the best pressure washer to meet your needs. Before you buy, consider things like what you plan to clean, if you need portability, or if you need an option that can handle bigger, commercial jobs. Whether you want something affordable, a machine that conserves water, or a top-rated machine that gets any job done, we have you covered with a look at some of the best pressure washers available.

This pressure washer has enough power for smaller outdoor jobs and provides easy portability.Greenworks

This pressure washer offers 1600 PSA at 1.2 gallons per minute, so it’s powerful enough to blast through grime and clean outdoor surfaces. Because it’s easy to use horizontally or vertically, it provides improved stability. There’s plenty of reach outdoors with the 20 feet high-pressure hose, as well as the 35-foot power cord designed to work safely with outdoor outlets. This power washer also features a soap applicator, making it easy to apply soap to surfaces for a better clean. Available additional nozzles and accessories allow you to take the functionality of this pressure washer to the next level.

This model combines plenty of power with ease of use, incorporating handy features like quick-connect spray tips and an extra-larger detergent tank.Sun Joe

This model is powerful and comes with exciting features that take outdoor cleaning to the next level. Its 1800-watt motor gives up to 2030 PSI at 1.76 gallons per minute for some serious cleaning power. Whether you’re dealing with a quick clean-up or a heavy-duty job, one of the five included quick-connect spray tips have you covered. The power washer also features an onboard reel to keep your high-pressure hose organized so it’s easy to clean up and store the machine.

From cleaning your car to the patio to your deck, this pressure washer is one of the more powerful electric choices and gets the job done.Stanley

This model eliminates the hard work of scrubbing by hand with a powerful cleaning force that’s strong enough for decks, pools, pavement, siding, outdoor furniture, ATVs, vehicles, and more. It features a handy high-pressure foamer, which helps you remove those tough stains and cut through grime without a problem. Leakproof connections ensure you won’t lose water pressure, and it includes attachments that have you equipped for most projects around the home.

When you need plenty of power and you’re dealing with commercial-grade jobs, this is the pressure washer you need.Champion

No matter how tough the job is, this pressure washer will get it done. Featuring a 224cc single cylinder engine, it produces a whopping 3200 PSA with 2.4 gallons per second. It comes with five nozzles, a 25-foot high-pressure hose, as well as two on-board detergent tanks to make sure you don’t run out of cleaning power until the job is done. This power washer also focuses on ergonomics for those long, tough jobs, featuring a comfort-grip trigger gun. There’s onboard storage for the trigger gun, spray wand, and high-pressure hose, making cleanup and storage a breeze when you’ve finished the job.