Our Favorite Vegetable Spiralizers

These vegetable spiralizers make it easier than ever to eat healthier versions of your favorite foods

Cut the carbs with a vegetable spiralizer.Brieftons

Whether you’re interested in spiralizing veggies to replace carbs or simply to work more vitamins and nutrients into your diet, vegetable spiralizers are ideal for helping you get the vegetables you desire in fun and easy-to-consume ways.

This bundle comes with everything, including a blade caddy, storage containers and recipes.Brieftons

Featuring a total of seven different spiralizing blades, this vegetable spiralizer offers budding chefs the opportunity to try new flavors and textures in their meal preparation.

This pocket-sized spiralizer is easy to store and a breeze to clean.Fullstar

Featuring a system that offers compact storage and easy cleanup, the Fullstar vegetable spiralizer is an excellent choice if you desire the functionality of larger spiralizers, but have a small kitchen with little room for storage. It also contains your cooking “mess,” making cleaning up afterward an easy chore.

This device is ideal for people who are cooking for one or two, but want the benefit of healthier eating.Ontel Veggetti

Spiralizing your vegetables has never been so easy with a simple twist of this tool. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost and convenient tool for vegetable spiralizing or you only need to do light spiralizing (for one while preparing regular pasta for the rest of your family, for instance), the Ontel spiralizer certainly hits the mark.