Spring into these Outdoor Water Fountains

Add some beauty to your yard with these stylish fountain options

Take your backyard design up a notch with a water fountain.Chillscreamni

An outdoor fountain can be the perfect addition to your garden, patio, or other outdoor space. The decorative structures with water gently cascading down can be rejuvenating and beautiful, helping you relax as you sit and take in the beauty of your flowers and plants. Finding just the right fountain, however, can be a challenge. There are a variety of shapes, colors, and styles available. To help those interested in decorating their outside space with a beautiful water fountain, here are a few models we recommend.

Enjoy the sounds of a trickling stream with this vintage looking sculpture.Alpine

This 32-inch tall fountain comes in a few different colors and has water trickling down the side of the sculpture, calling to mind the peaceful sound of a stream. It has an interior pump that keeps water moving through the sculpture, requiring little maintenance from you. The side of the jar has a cracked design that creates a more vintage look that will look beautiful in a variety of spaces, whether indoors or out. The jar is made of fiberglass and concrete to ensure that it will stand up to the weather and look lovely for years to come. The white LED lights add allow you to enjoy the fountain day or night.

With an old world look, this picturesque feature adds a refreshing look and peaceful sound to your favorite space.Peaktop

This water fountain stands at 33 inches high and sends water gently falling from one ceramic bowl to the next, creating a mesmerizing place to listen to trickling water and watch the flickering lights. The fountain was built from a polyresin material and is resistant to rust and weather. The design of the fountain mimics a natural stone look, with the base of the statue resembling a stone wall, but it’s lightweight to move. The ceramic bowls contain LED lights that contribute to the ambiance it creates. Enjoy the ambiance from this fountain - you’ll be taking a nap before you know it.

You’ll think you’re by a mountain stream with this natural-looking grey stone 40” waterfall.Alpine

With a polystone and fiberglass construction, this water fountain boasts being rust and weather resistant making it easy to add to your garden or deck. The natural-looking grey stones resemble a 40″ waterfall and will fit perfectly in a garden or anywhere in your yard, Once the sun begins to fade, the three LED lights gently highlight the water as it cascades down the fountain, creating a sound and light show to enjoy year round. Grab a glass of wine and find your Zen!