Oven Mitts To Keep Your Hands Safe From The Heat

A selection of heat-resistant oven mitts to withstand high temperatures while cooking

When handling hot pans or tins on the stove or in the oven protect your hands from potential burns by using oven mitts.Unsplash

Protect yourself from the hot pans in the oven or on the stovetop. Whether padded cloth or silicone, here are some of our favorite choices.

Kitchen MVP

Safe in 450-degree temperatures, this mitt is a great choice to withstand extreme temperatures.HOMWE

While quilted oven mitts were long the forerunners in heat prevention, the advancements in silicone have made it an excellent safety option. These oven mitts have a silicone exterior with a quilted cotton interior, making them safe in up to 450 degree temperatures. Thanks to the silicone exterior, they are completely waterproof, adding an extra layer of protection. Measuring almost 15 inches long, these gloves further the protective layer beyond your wrists for even more safety.

Excellent grip

Take on even higher temperatures at the barbecue with these extremely heat-resistant gloves.Semboh

While you may never need protection from 932 degrees Fahrenheit, these ultra-protective gloves will provide peace of mind while keeping your hands safe. In addition to such a high heat rating, they have a very high cut resistance. This makes these gloves an excellent addition to your barbecue setup. Not only do these gloves have excellent dexterity thanks to individual fingers, they also have a patterned silicone exterior, ensuring excellent grip on any hot item you may be carrying.

Soft but safe

This set makes serving from the hot pot safe for your hands and the table’s surface.Cuisinart

Lined with a very soft cotton layer, this comfortable oven mitt comes with the extra bonus of a pot holder. Use the mitt to pull your hot dishes out of the oven or off of the stove, then use the pot holder to protect your table’s surface from the hot pan when you set it down for serving. With a neoprene grip on the exterior of the fingers and palms of the oven mitt you can have a better grasp on the hot and heavy pans as well.