Perfect Your Breath with These Mints

Breath mints are perfect in a pinch and can help save some important dates

Both sweet and refreshing, mints make for a great post-meal treat.Pexels

If you’re looking to tame your breath after a garlicky meal or soothe a dry throat, mints are a great solution. Here are several types we love.

No Aftertaste

Calorie counters will want to keep this option around, there are no added sweeteners.Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers come in convenient containers that offer snap-top lids making them easy to carry around. This order comes in packs of six, so you can keep one container in your car, in your bag, and even on your bedside table while having a few packages to spare. Enjoy fresh breath and extreme cooling with these mints that help you fight bad breath.


It’s hard to go wrong with a classic, and these are tiny but mighty.Tic Tac

Small in size but big on their delivery, Tic Tacs are easy to tote around. They come in their own carrying case so you can take them wherever you go. These mints come in a variety of flavors, such as fresh mint, orange, fruit adventure, and are sold in packages of 12.

Old-school Brand

These individually wrapped suckers are made with real oil, giving each bite an extra potent punch.Brach’s

These gluten- and fat-free candies can be unwrapped to create amazing desserts, edible craft projects, and birthday party fun. The hard candy mints offer a touch of sweetness and makes for a smart post-meal snack.


These circular bites are not just powerful but flavorful too.Life Savers

This flavor from Life Savers comes in wintergreen flavor and are individually wrapped, making them a great size for a pocket, purse or candy dish. The use of wintergreen as an ailment and flavoring goes all the way back to Native Americans, who brewed a tea from wintergreen berries that alleviated fevers, aches and other conditions.