Pucker Up for Our Favorite Pickle-Flavored Snacks

Who’s hankering for a savory snack with a sharp kick?


October 15, 2021
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Pickles provide the flavor base for a slew of crave-able snacks. Unsplash

What is it about the pickle that has made it the quintessential side dish to every deli sandwich, the grocery staple in our pantry, and the accouterment to burgers around the world? Is it the fresh, crispy crunch when you take that first bite? Is it the mouthwatering, thirst-quenching qualities of this satisfying condiment? Perhaps it’s the ideal snack size of a sturdy dill pickle, or its variety of forms and flavors to suit an assortment of tastes.

Slim Jim Giant Dill Pickle Smoked Meat Snack Sticks, 0.97 oz. 24-Count

A new twist to an old favorite

With 6 grams of protein wrapped inside of each stick, it also serves as a tasty hunger-buster between meals. Slim Jim

The popular beef stick already has a slew of taste embellishments, but mixing in a little Vlasic pickle into the savory mix of chicken, pork and beef added a whole new dimension to this tried and true staple of a snack. No more dipping into the pickle jar for that unique salty taste, or making a mess in the process. Grab a convenient and transportable pickle-flavored Slim Jim and you’re good to go ‘til dinnertime.

BIGS Vlasic Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds, 5.35-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) (10896887002209,)

Spruce up your snack

With seven grams of protein and six carbs, these tasty little specks satisfy that hunger pang without derailing your diet. BIGS

If you know you should consume more sunflower seeds but you have a hard time getting through the bland flavor, help has arrived. The people who gave you tacos inside of a sunflower seed now present a seed with the tangy, robust flavor of your favorite dill. The pack contains a dozen 5-ounce bags that are resealable and convenient. These seeds taste as if you pulled a pickle out of the jar to eat it. Plus, you’ve finally found an enjoyable way to add the healthful benefits of sunflower seeds into your diet.

Blue Diamond Almonds Spicy Dill Pickle Flavored Snack Nuts, 6 Oz Resealable Can (Pack of 1)

A healthy alternative

An excellent source of vitamin E, these are free of cholesterol and trans fats, and offer a nice balance of spice and saltiness. Blue Diamond

One thing about pickles: you can add them to just about anything. Dill them, fry them, eat them fresh… or spread them strategically on your almonds. Yes, truth be told, you can even find its unique taste on some peanut choices, and on potato chips as well. They are also low in carbs and high in protein. If your kids won’t eat almonds otherwise, try giving them these pickle-flavored snacks, and don’t tell them what it really is.

Dee's Nuts Dill Pickle Flavored Gourmet Peanuts (10 oz)

An unexpected twist

A salt and vinegar snack with just a touch of dill, these are flavorful enough without an overpowering taste, so you can indulge more often. Dee

With choices like pizza, banana pudding, and peanut butter and jelly, this brand has always been creative when it comes to flavoring its nuts. Dee uses only the largest and best Virginia peanuts as their base, and this combination particularly offers the protein that often forces us to seek out less healthy snacks between meals. Try them and you’ll be a believer.

Pork King Good Dill Pickle Pork Rinds (Chicharrones) (4 Pack) Keto Snacks

A different taste

They are low in carbs yet light, salty, crunchy, and jumping with that unique, crave-satisfying flavor. Pork King

These chicharrones are the perfect oasis for those on ketogenic, paleo, or even diabetic diets. Rather than infuse artificial ingredients, these pork rinds are fried in their own rendered animal fat before being flavored with our Pork King delicious seasoning blends. They’re a perfect diet tool, too, as evidenced by the success of the company owner, who implemented them during the 100-pound weight loss that she has maintained – with the help of her pickle-tasting treat.

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