Our Picks for Best Pontoon Boats

Adventures on the water don’t necessitate expensive, heavy vessels. Consider a pontoon boat

Ready to head out on the water? We found some affordable rides.Pixabay

Considering buying a pontoon boat? You’ll find them available in one-person and two-person options, and they offer many different features, such as storage capacity, safety features, cup holders, and more. Additional features to consider when choosing your pontoon boat include the weight limit, comfort, portability, speed of inflation, and maneuverability. Here are several of our favorite pontoon boats to get you going.

Easy to maneuver

A budget-friendly price makes this one-person model an excellent investment.Classic Accessories

The Classic Colorado weighs in at 71.5 pounds, so it’s not too difficult to maneuver on your own, and it’s a great size for a one-person trip out onto the water. The budget-friendly price means you won’t break the bank, so you’ll still have plenty of cash to grab all those additional fishing supplies you’ll need. Abrasion-resistant PVC bottom, along with a steel tube frame and a tough nylon top offer durability to keep you safe on the water. Bronze oarlocks keep the seven-foot aluminum oars in place. You’ll love all the storage options, including insulated drink holders, zipper pockets, and ten mesh pockets.

Smart safety features

The heavy-duty design lets you head out on the water with peace of mind, while the transport wheel makes it easy to access those favorite fishing spots with ease.Classic Accessories

This one-person, heavy-duty pontoon boat features a powder-coated steel tube frame as well as an abrasion-resistant PVC bottom, reducing the chance you’ll puncture the boat. It has a max weight capacity of 400 pounds, so keep that in mind as you’re adding gear to the boat. The huge storage capacity makes storing gear simple, including insulated drink holders, 20 pockets, and a rear storage platform. With a handy transport wheel, you’re easily able to move the boat out to the water so you can head right out to your favorite fishing area. The pontoon boat also features safety features like non-slip footrests and tow rings and is designed to ride high to improve your visibility on the water.

Great for travel

Lightweight, compact design makes this model ideal for transporting in your RV, trunk, or on a larger boat.AQUOS

One of the lighter pontoon boats available, this AQUOS pontoon boat weighs a light 44 pounds. Pack it up and carry it along on your big boat, toss it in the trunk and head to the water, or keep it in your RV as you enjoy RVing around the country. It’s fishing access you can take with you nearly anywhere. Inflating the boat only takes about 15 minutes, and once it’s inflated the boat has a maximum weight capacity of 374 pounds. With a 5.9-foot paddle design, you can easily paddle from both standing and sitting positions. The seat swivels 360-degrees and offers excellent back support. The foot straps included on the aluminum floorboard ensures you have balance and stability to make fishing landings safe and easy, even in the toughest battles. A bow mount trolling motor offers low- and high-speed controls, as well as a reverse and forward switch for easy operation.

Lightweight design

This two-person inflatable pontoon boat is worth the investment, handling up to 650 pounds for any adventure.Sea Eagle

Share the fishing adventure with this two-person inflatable pontoon boat. It handles up to 650 pounds and the inflation and assembly time is just 10 minutes, so you’ll be out on the water in no time. Once the boat is assembled and inflated, lightweight aluminum under bars and cross boards provide a rigid fishing platform so you’re able to stand up for casting or reeling in your catch. The comfortable, padded, 360-degree swivel seats mean you’ll be comfy enough to endure hours in the boat. The full fabric floor rolls out to ensure you won’t lose any favorite lures if you drop them, and the boat has a 70-pound thrust electric motor or three-horsepower gas motor.