Best Pooper Scoopers for Dogs

Cleaning up after your best friend doesn’t have to be a messy chore

Who's a good boy? Bring a good pooper scooper on your next walk.Pixabay

Having a dog is one of the greatest joys in the world. Cleaning up after them is not. There is something heartwarming about having a faithful and furry friend who’s always happy to see you. Their unconditional love is number one. But you still have to deal with number two. You need a pooper scooper. Here are several of our favorites.

Long and lightweight

The two pieces click together and you can hang it wherever it’s easy to grab and go.Petmate

Pet parents love the extra-long extending handle. We love that the 32-inch length makes for quicker clean-ups. The two-piece bin and rake design makes cleaning up messes simple. Just put one of the included scented bags on the bin, rake in the contents, and quickly dispose of the pet waste. We think the rotating bin makes pick-ups effortless on sidewalks, lawns, and bare ground.

Big dogs, big solutions

The well-built metal and aluminum construction keep this scooper from rusting. Plus it’s a snap to assemble.Pawler

This is a durable pooper scooper for your dog and garden, and the long-lasting design will make clean-ups painless for years. The long handle makes for great grabbing. We love that with this large size you can hold more poop per scoop. It’s bigger than almost any other scooper on the market, which makes it particularly useful for those who have bigger dogs to love. And you can make fewer trips to the compost pile or trash can. It allows you to clean up more than pet waste, and can even be used to pick up garden leaves and debris.

Simple to store

One side of the scooper is flat and the other serrated to make removing messes on grass and dirt as effortless as possible.PPOGOO

Unlock and unfold this lightweight scooper to make clean-up a breeze. Kids and adults appreciate the small size, which works for both dogs and cats. Use it to pick up fallen fruit, or inside to clean the litter box – it’s that versatile. We really appreciate how easy it is to operate this pooper scooper with one hand. That way you can hold the leash, the stroller, or your water bottle with the other.

Lightweight construction

It has spring-loaded closure to make it easy to do the dirty work.Nature's

Designed for moderate-sized dogs, this garden gadget helps you to keep your yard tidy. Playing in the backyard is enjoyable right until the moment you step in something soft and unexpected. That’s why we love this little Nature’s Miracle. The jaw-shaped scoop has antimicrobial product protection so it shuns germs. The sturdy plastic will last for years, even if you store this scooper outdoors.