Rest Easy with a Weighted Blanket

If you have chronic pain, adding a weighted blanket to your sleep routine could help

Get serious about your sleep with a weighted blanket.YnM

Improve your night’s sleep with a weighted blanket! Weighted blankets are designed to reduce cortisol (your body’s stress hormone) and release serotonin to leave you feeling calm and relaxed. If you have chronic pain or depression, a weighted blanket may provide some much needed relief. Not all weighted blankets are the same and work for everyone. It’s important to select a blanket that is the right weight for you to provide maximum comfort.

This weighted blanket features 100 percent cotton for temperature control.ZonLi

You’ll be counting sheep in no time with ZonLi’s weighted blanket. Their unique small square pattern helps to distribute evenly distribute the weights for maximum comfort. This weighted blanket is made with 100 percent cotton to avoid overheating.

Quility’s seven layers design will help you achieve your best sleep yet.Quility

With seven layers of comfort, Quility’s blanket is like being wrapped up in your own weighted cloud. Each blanket includes a removable super soft, minky duvet cover for extra warmth.

Based off of years of research, Degrees of Comfort created a weighted blanket that is ultra calming.Degrees of Comfort

What sets Degrees of Comfort’s weighted blanket apart from the competition is their nano-ceramic bead technology that leaves you feeling like you’re relaxing on a beach rather than snuggling up with a cornhole bag. The blanket also comes with two duvet covers to keep you cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.