Our Favorite Shaving Creams For Men

These shaving creams work great without costing a fortune

A close shave doesn't need to cost a fortune.Unsplash

Most frustrating thing about shaving is skin irritation. Usually the problem is the shaving cream we use. Here are the best budget shaving creams on the market.

The name you know

One of the most affordable options comes from an old, trusted brand.Gillette

Gillette’s shaving foam features instant lather and is ready to spread and use right out of the bottle. The patented Comfort Glide formula reduces friction and irritation. The unforgettable Gillette scent will give you confidence throughout the day. Buy 12 and save!

Soothing solution

This gel creates an extra thick lather, protecting your skin from bumps and cuts.Nivea

If you have sensitive skin, you know the frustration of shaving all too well. This Nivea product will alleviate your shaving troubles. The added aloe soothes your skin for a comfortable, easy shaving experience.

Proprietary moisturizers

This product provides an unbeatable shaving and razor gliding experience.Edge

This inexpensive shaving cream is a must for men experiencing skin dryness after shaving. Added vitamin E soothes and revitalizes dry skin, and multiple conditioners leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed.