Soothe Your Skin with Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butters have long been used to help heal skin but it has uses in the kitchen too

Cocoa butter has so many uses - you should have a few jars of it at home.Wild Foods

Cocoa butter is a wondrous product, sought-after aid in soothing skin, taming hair and even cooking. Try adding the power of cocoa butter to your daily lifestyle, here are a few trusted brands we love.

Editors' Pick

Perhaps one of the best-known options, this blend is well-established for repairing, moisturizing, and soothing.Palmer’s

Safe to use on your skin daily, this cocoa butter has garnered some celebrity endorsements over the years. It’s known for not only healing rough skin, but for delivering nearly instantaneous results and providing a healthy glow that lasts 24 hours. You can even use it on your hair to repair your split ends.

Tropical Formula

In its purest form, this option is food grade and 100 percent pure.Mary Tylor

Useful for a variety of reasons, including directly on your skin as a luxurious body butter, this cocoa butter is remarkable for helping to heal small burns and scars, moisturizing hair and skin, and relieving sunburns, stretch marks, and more. Solid at room temperature, it melts at the touch of your fingers and naturally soaks into the skin. It comes in one-pound blocks.

Great Value

For intense moisture that lasts up to 48 hours, this option offers radiant and hydrated skin in one application.Nivea

Affordable luxury like this doesn’t come around very often. This cocoa butter body cream is like water to dry skin. Not only is it infused with cocoa butter, but it also contains their deep moisture serum and Vitamin E. Its ingredients are carefully selected to meet stringent quality standards.

Most Versatile

In addition to generating radiant skin—this option is excellent for using in recipes, flavoring morning java, and making outstanding breakfast drinks.Wild Foods

These artisan cocoa wafers are ethically sourced, completely pure, and meticulously made in small batches to ensure outstanding quality control. The premium cocoa is derived from wild-growing cocoa beans found in the dense jungle of the Peruvian countryside. The scent is amazing, and the quality is outstanding if you’re looking for natural organic products for healthy skin and hair, baking, or for making lotions, soaps, and lip balms.