Start Your Morning with these Tasty Orange Juice Packs

A full day of Vitamin C and a refreshing dose of Florida’s finest punctuates these juice packs


October 19, 2021
Orange juice in a glass next to sliced oranges.
A glass of orange juice in the morning has never been more convenient thanks to these packs. Pixabay

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Florida oranges and the ones from California? The quick answer is that Florida’s climate produces oranges with a thinner peel but a sweeter juice while California’s weather is responsible for thicker peels that give us better “table” oranges. So here in Florida, we take our orange juice pretty seriously. Here are the four orange juices that we crave.

Tropicana Orange Juice, 10 Ounce (Pack of 24)

Historic name

These bottles are the perfect size for lunch bags and work briefcases. Tropicana

Tropicana is a name that Florida knows well. The company was founded in Bradenton where an Italian immigrant named Anthony Rossi would perfect the process of flash pasteurization, which helps to preserve the juice’s taste. Decades later, Tropicana would become a familiar name around the country, thanks to its 100 percent juice content and full day’s allowance of vitamin C. (If you’re a baseball fan, the Tampa Bay Rays make their home in Tropicana Field, which lights up its rooftop in an orange hue after each Rays’ victory.)

Ocean Spray 100% Orange Juice, 4.2 Ounce Juice Box (Pack of 40)

No added sugar

This option is perfect for OJ fans who fancy juice boxes instead of bottles. Ocean Spray

Isn’t Ocean Spray the cranberry juice expert? Sure, but they put out a pretty good orange juice as well. Their OJ juice boxes are 100 percent juice with no added sugars, artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. Founded in 1930, the company itself is an agricultural cooperative, with member growers in a slew of states including Florida, where they harvest both oranges and grapefruits.

Minute Maid Orange Juice Drinks, 10 fl oz, 24 Pack

Worth the concentration

Concentrate on this: This brand features juice made from ripe, natural oranges. Minute Maid

Ever wonder about the name Minute Maid? It turns out the company started out as the Florida Foods Corp. with a government contract to make powdered orange juice during World War II. The war would end before they got to work, so their attention turned to frozen orange juice concentrate, promising consumers they could make “orange juice in a minute” with their product. Decades later, in the 1970s, Minute Maid added fresh juice to their offerings, so we can now enjoy their juice at home or on the go.

Dole Juice, Pineapple Orange, 6 Ounce (Pack of 48)

Ideal for smoothies

Pineapple juice gets mixed with orange juice for a taste of the tropics. Dole Juice

Orange juice tastes great just as it is, but add in a healthy pour of pineapple juice and see what happens. Dole’s pineapple business dates all the way to 1901 in Hawaii, where plantations still dot the islands. The drink combo still features no added sugar, plenty of vitamin C and – bonus – makes for a great mixer for drinks and smoothies.

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