Stay Clean Anywhere with these Portable Bidets

A portable bidet is an excellent alternative to keeping clean while you’re on the go

Add a portable bidet to your bathroom wares to help promote cleanliness and save on toilet paper.Pexel

Traditional bidets - like toilets themselves - can’t be thrown in a suitcase for a road trip, but that’s where portable bidets come into the picture. If you’re looking for a toilet paper alternative that also provides a sanitary solution to bathroom trips on the road, here are a few portable bidets we recommend.

Easy to Adjust

Though designed for use by new mothers, this product also can be used as a bidet by anyone.Fridababy

This peri bottle by Frida Mom is designed to make postpartum healing easier and cleaner. It’s made to be held upside down and features a narrow angled neck. It holds up to 10 ounces of water and comes with a storage bag that’s waterproof - a great accessory if you’re on the go.

Ultimate Convenience

This two-pack option is perfect to have with you when traditional facilities are scarce.Tonelife

Here’s an affordable option for bidet users. The bidet has an ergonomic design with a detached nozzle to make cleaning easier. No batteries are needed - just fill with water of your desired temperature and squeeze the bottle. A travel bag is included for convenience.

Easy Grip Design

Save money and conserve toilet paper with this option.Happy Bottom

The Happy Bottom Washer - cute name - features a slim bottom so you can easily grip it. The 400-milliliter bidet comes with a travel bag so you can take it on the road. An extra-long angled nozzle allows for an easy reach, and the sprayer head provides a wide pattern, making the experience feel like a mini shower.