Stay Clean Anywhere with these Portable Bidets

A portable bidet is an excellent alternative to keeping clean while you’re on the go

Add a portable bidet to your bathroom wares to help promote cleanliness and save on toilet paper.Pexel

Are you looking for an easy but sanitary way to use a restroom while you’re traveling? A portable bidet is one good suggestion. While bidets have been around for centuries in Europe, the idea of using a blast of water rather than toilet paper is still relatively new in the United States. Traditional bidets - like toilets themselves - can’t be thrown in a suitcase for a road trip, but that’s where portable bidets come into the picture. Here are three models of portable bidets we recommend.

Designed Originally for New Moms

Though designed for use by new moms, this peri bottle also can be used as a bidet by anyone.Frida

This peri bottle by Frida Mom is designed to make postpartum healing easier and cleaner. It’s made to be held upside down and features a narrow angled neck. It holds up to 10 ounces of water and comes with a storage bag that’s waterproof - a great accessory if you’re on the go.

Twin Pack for Convenience

This two-pack of portable bidets is perfect for camping, traveling or anyplace where regular facilities are scarce.Tonelife

Here’s an affordable option for bidet users. The bidet has an ergonomic design with a detached nozzle to make cleaning easier. No batteries are needed - just fill with water of your desired temperature and squeeze the bottle. A travel bag is included for convenience.

This Makes Us Happy

Save money and conserve toilet paper with this portable bidet.Happy Bottom

The Happy Bottom Washer - cute name - features a slim bottom so you can easily grip it. The 400-milliliter bidet comes with a travel bag so you can take it on the road. An extra-long angled nozzle allows for an easy reach, and the sprayer head provides a wide pattern, making the experience feel like a mini shower.