Take the Plunge with these Above Ground Pools

Having a pool in the backyard doesn’t need to drown you in bills

A lazy day by the pool is easier to achieve than you think - consider an above ground pool.Pixabay

Swimming pools - like boats - can sometimes be described as “holes you throw money into.” But that’s not true with above-ground pools. Today’s above-ground pools have many of the same conveniences as below-ground pools but at a fraction of the cost. Here are three models we recommend.

This pool set includes a filter pump, ladder, ground cloth and pool cover.Intex

Stop sweating! It takes just 45 minutes to set up this Intex pool. It holds 3,357 gallons of water and features strong powder-coated metal frames with a 3-ply material liner. Plus, it just looks great.

Just spread it out on the ground, inflate the top right and fill it with water.Intex

Super tough PVC sidewalls are the key to this pool. Just find a nice firm area in your backyard and set this pool up in 10 minutes. It includes a filter pump along with a maintenance DVD so you can be sure it’ll last summer after summer.

Ditch the dull exterior so many above-ground pools have for this fancy number.Summer Waves

This pool is 12 feet in diameter and 2.75 feet deep, which makes it ideal for family use. It also comes in a filter pump that combines the functions of a filter with a skimmer, so this pool will stay clean longer. But the best part is obviously the wicker print exterior, which is designed to blend in with your patio furniture.