Tame Your Stubble with these 3 Great Electric Razors for Men

The quest for a close shave is real and these electric razors for men can help you find yours

Electric razor in a shower
Get a cutting edge shave with the right electric razor.Panasonic

Men have forever been searching for a close comfortable shave. It has proven to be elusive with many men giving up and growing full beards. The quest, however, is about to end for many men, especially with these great electric razors to choose from. Each one offers something unique to help men get the shave they desire without robbing a bank to make it happen. See for yourself what’s to love about these men’s electric razors.

High performance shave

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor
Offering five blades, cordless power, and advanced shave sensor technology, it’s hard to go wrong with this shaver.Panasonic

The latest in shaving technology is what you’ll get with the Arc5 Electric Razor. This razor promises high performance, delivering 14,000 cuts per minute at peak power. This razor operates wet or dry and travels well for men on the go.

Heavy duty performer

Remington Foil Shaver
Another affordable option for shaving, this razor features fast charging and 60 minutes of runtime.Remington

The men’s electric foil shaver by Remington is no slouch when it comes to technology or providing a close shave. One thing that makes this razer unique is its ability to pre-trim longer hairs thanks to Intercept Shaving Technology. This razor is easy to clean and travels well.

Hit the road with this in your bag

Adhope Electric Razor
The USB charger makes this a travel-friendly razor that is safe to use on-the-go and convenient.Adhope

Another technologically advanced rechargeable men’s razor, this one offers the travel convenience of USB charging, an ergonomic design that is easy to use, and an LED indicator telling you how much time you have left before needing a recharge. Combine that with a close comfortable shave, wet or dry, and you have every reason to give this Adhope affordable razor a try.