Brighten Those Choppers with these Best Toothpastes for Dogs

Dog breath — not a popular subject

Someone with clean breath is waiting for a kiss.Amazon

If your dog’s breath makes you cringe and it’s not because he just ate sardines, it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Dog’s teeth need care just like ours do, and clean teeth can go a long way for achieving cleaner, fresher breath from your canine. In fact, periodontal disease can be found in as high as 80% of household dogs, contributing to heart, liver, and kidney disease.

Premium ingredients

It can be applied with your fingers, with a toothbrush, or even placed on your dog’s tongue to maintain fresher breath between brushings.Vet

Vets know what they’re doing when it comes to dogs, and Vet’s Best has blended natural ingredients for your dog for over 30 years. Made with an effective mix of aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and special enzymes, this pick will clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath. Your dog will love the natural flavors and your nose will, too. This product removes plaque and tartar to promote your dog’s dental and lasting health. A nice touch is a triple-headed toothbrush with bristles positioned to form around each tooth that comes with your purchase.

Good variety

Available in poultry, malt, beef, seafood, and vanilla mint flavors.Virbac

Virbac C.E.T. has been a leader for at-home pet dental products for decades. The non-foamy enzymes and abrasive elements are safe for your pet, even if swallowed. And you’ll love the clean teeth when the tartar and plaque are reduced, resulting in that wonderful fresher breath. It’s best used with a toothbrush like the CET dual-ended model designed by the manufacturer, especially for dogs. Dare we say your dog will look forward to tooth brushing time?

The freshness of baking soda

Special herbs are included to soothe sensitive and inflamed gums.Arm & Hammer

For over 150 years, Arm & Hammer has been a leader for pure, effective, environmentally safe, and economical baking soda products. The same excellence is available in this top choice toothpaste for your dog. Made with natural ingredients and infused with Arm & Hammer baking soda, your dog’s teeth will be cleansed and his breath fresh. The gentle yet effective formula reduces tartar buildup, whitens teeth, and freshens the mouth. Great for gum health, too. This natural choice is free of harsh chemicals and safe for your loyal friend. Toothbrush included.

Made with patented enzymes

It comes in a poultry flavor your dog will love, so it’s a good thing she’s allowed to swallow it.Petrodex

This toothpaste is a great choice to reduce plaque, fight tartar, and demolish dog breath. With specially formulated patented enzymes that attack the bacteria causing plaque and bad breath, the non-foaming toothpaste is safe for your dog and requires no rinsing. Use regularly to keep your dog’s teeth cleaner and mouth healthier.