The Best Votive Candles

Add a warm glow to your home

Flicker your way to perfect lighting at home.Unsplash/Carolyn V

Nothing is more inviting than walking into a dimly lit room cast with flickering candlelight. Whether you’re watching a scary movie, cooking dinner, or hosting a party, votive candles can play an important role. Here are our favorites.

This option is perfect for entertaining a large group or just to stockpile for a rainy day.Hosley

If you aren’t the type to keep candle holders around the house, this pack of 48 unscented votive candles is the choice for you. Already packaged in glass jars, which you can and should certainly reuse, these candles are ready to burn at a moment’s notice. Made with hand-poured wax, they are an excellent choice to set on your dining table to elevate a weeknight meal or cluster together to bring a warm glow to a dark corner of your space.

Your guests will never know they aren’t real wax.Eldnacele

If safety is a concern, look no further than these plastic, waterproof LED votive candles. They flicker gently just the way a real candle would. Available in a pack of 10, this set comes with a remote control that will allow you to turn the candles on or off from a distance, change the flickering flame to steady mode, and adjust brightness. Just add 2 AA batteries (not included) and you’ll be on your way to an ambient atmosphere in no time.

Available in a variety of choices such as ivory, black, and lavender.Candle Charisma

This mega-pack of 72 boasts up to 10 hours of burn time. Made in the USA, these unscented votive candles offer a clean and smoke-free environment, making them ideal for use during larger events where sensitive noses may be present.