Our Picks for Best Waterproof Phone Cases

Let’s face it, nowadays your phone is just too important to get wet

It's okay to bring your phone to the beach if you have the right waterproof protection.Amazon

On the shore or in the snow, we love to capture the moments with our phones. But it only takes one accidental drop or splash to damage our expensive portable computer camera phones. You know the sinking feeling you get as your phone accidentally flies out of your hand and you realize in a split second it’s too late.

Lanyard included

On the jet ski, in the kayak, or at the pool, kids are more likely to keep track of their phones if they’re wearing them.Universal

These jumbo size phone cases measure over 8 inches, so why not use one of the pair to hold your keys, and the other to keep your phone safe and dry? Universal waterproof cases like these are great for everyone in the family. We especially like the enclosed adjustable, attachable lanyards. Don’t worry if you see the phone in its waterproof case at the bottom of the pool – this case will protect your phone down to 100 feet below. Chances are your pool won’t be that deep.

Takes great photos

The crystal clear window on the front and back of this waterproof pouch makes it simple to snap photos and selfies during your watersports.JOTO

Have you ever held your phone in its waterproof pouch and taken a video while going down the waterslide? Now you can. The close-fitting case makes it easier to access all the functions on your phone. If you’re looking to take action photos, this waterproof phone case is a fantastic choice. It’s easy to snap closed and easily attached to the included lanyard.

Compatible with large devices

Easy to seal. Just push to open, and press to close the tops of the dry pouches.ProCase

Snorkeling or snow skiing, these colorful phone cases are designed to keep all your important items safe and dry. Your smartphone, credit cards, keys, and money all stay safe in these waterproof dry bags. The thin design is ultra-convenient. It’s so thin that you can still use the side buttons of your phone to capture the moment or turn up your favorite song. Do all this while keeping your phone safe from water, snow, and sand. Ahh, modern conveniences. What will they think of next?

Crystal clear underwater pictures

You can attach a monopod, tripod, or a selfie stick to this professional style waterproof phone case.Willbox

If you enjoy taking underwater pictures with your phone, this is the product for you. The sealed design on this case is crafted from anti-reflection glass on both sides, so all your pictures will be crystal clear down to 50 feet below the surface. It’s also anti-drop and shockproof so you can take it on your wet and wild adventures. The hard case was designed for diving and watersports. It also has a cut-out for your phone’s photography buttons. Make sure to double-check your phone’s size to be sure it fits inside this hard case.