Best Things to Eat at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Don’t let those roller coasters ruin your appetite. There is plenty to feast on at Universal’s parks in Orlando

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
A stroll through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter requires an order of Butterbeer. Isabella Martine/Unsplash

The arrival of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has magically increased the number of tasty dishes you can try when visiting Universal Studios Orlando and its neighboring Islands of Adventure park. We’ve done the hard work of testing out so many of the dining options so you don’t have to. Oh, who are we kidding? Test away! But here are the two favorite dishes from each park: Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure.

Universal Studios Orlando


Let there be no confusion: You are NOT ALLOWED to leave Universal Orlando without partaking of Butterbeer, the kid-friendly brew fancied by the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You won’t have to look far for it – it’s available in pretty much every food outlet within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As for the taste, it’s best described as cream soda meets butterscotch. In other words, it’s delicious.

Clogger Burger at Krusty Burger

Hey, hey, kids! All Simpsons fans, please report to Krusty Burger for a Clogger Burger. Oh, it’s as dangerous as it sounds. A Clogger Burger features a 2/3 pound burger with Applewood smoked bacon, secret sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, a tomato slice and lettuce. Add “Kurly” fries and a shake to make it a combo. Science hasn’t yet been able to calculate the nutritional contents of this meal, but perhaps it’s a good idea to have “Dr. Nick” on speed dial.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

The Great Feast

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This aptly named dinner at Three Broomsticks is one that even Harry Potter couldn’t conjure up. Designed to feed four (though you can add additional people), the Great Feast includes a salad, rotisserie smoked chicken, spareribs, corn on the cob and roast potatoes. It’ll take more than a magic wand and spell – the correct one for disappearing is “Evanesco!” – to figure out a way to eat it all.

Who Hash

This dish is straight out of a Dr. Suess wish! At the Green Eggs and Ham Cafe, the pros have whipped up a breakfast treat that’s almost too clever to eat. This delight has corned beef, onions, white cheese sauce, scallions and tater tots all served inside a custom Who Hash can. Even the Cat in the Hat would tip his headgear to this culinary creation.

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