5 Things You’re Going to Love about the New River Falls at Orlando World Center Marriott

Big things have been happening at this iconic Central Florida resort, and nothing will top the new waterpark.

River Falls Water Park
Making its debut in March, the River Falls Water Park was an instant smash hit. Florida Travel + Life

There are myriad aspects that make Orlando World Center Marriott an ideal choice for a Central Florida family getaway, but the property’s creativity might take the cake. In a region where resorts are constantly showcasing ingenuity in developing experiences that keep guests entertained when they’re not enjoying the theme parks, this property has recently gone all-in on a new look for the Falls Pool Oasis and now stands above the crowd with the debut of the awesome River Falls Water Park.

When I visited earlier this year, this new playground was still under construction, but signs and renderings on display throughout the resort made it clear that things would soon be much different here. The attractions are obviously why people visit this side of Orlando, but with a trio of thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and new food and drinks, it’s difficult to count on one hand why this place will give the parks a run for their money.

But let’s go ahead and try.


1) Did someone say water slides?

water slides
The new trio of thrilling slides joins the equally fun group at the Falls Pool Oasis. Florida Travel + Life

The Falls Pool Oasis is already home to its own trio of slides that will keep kids of all ages occupied for hours while adults dine and unwind at the lagoon-style pool. But there is no such thing as too many slides. The star of the new slippery trinity is undoubtedly Boomerango, which shoots riders out onto a ramp that propels them upward before slinging them back down to the pool.

The longer Aquasphere has thrillseekers splash around the exciting spheres, while the longest slide, Tailspin, snaps people in and out of daylight before they splash feet- or face-first into the plunge pool. There’s no telling how many times they’ll be turned around.

2) Time to get lazy.

lazy river
Of course, there will be a great temptation to get right back on the slides. Florida Travel + Life

One of the greatest attributes any Orlando resort can have is a lazy river, even when the aforementioned Falls Pool Oasis lagoon has plenty of room for everyone to float about. But there’s nothing quite like experiencing the excitement of Boomerango (especially several times in a row) and then laying back on the tube and floating around this 575-foot river.


What makes this especially nice is the incredible landscaping design. The island in the middle of this river is about as close to the tropics as anyone will find in Orange County.

3) Let’s take a delicious break.

Three waterslides with three equally creative, delicious cocktails. Florida Travel + Life

Climbing the stairs to three waterslides over and over (and over and over) will make children and adults who love acting like children work up an incredible appetite, so it’s good to know they won’t have to look far for great food. To be fair, there isn’t a dining option at Orlando World Center Marriott that registers below “above average,” so the expectations should be deservedly high for the River Falls food stand.

Fashioned from an old storage container, this outdoor accommodation features delicious snacks and creative cocktails that are sure to please, and many guests will take it as a challenge to try each cocktail named for the respective slides.


4) Go bananas for the cabanas.

Nothing beats a relaxing morning and/or afternoon in a poolside cabana. Florida Travel + Life

Even the laziest guests eventually need a break from the river. The poolside loungers will fit most guests’ needs, but for those who appreciate seclusion and the VIP life, the cabanas await. The minimalist design still provides all the frills, from focused service to a TV for dozing off while watching the weekend’s PGA action.

And people who appreciate the smallest details will probably love how the slat wall design keeps the breeze coming in, even on the hottest Florida summer days.

5) Location is everything.

Falls Pool Oasis
When the lazy river has traffic, escape to the Falls Pool Oasis. Florida Travel + Life

Savvier Florida resort regulars know that one of the premium benefits of a new amenity like River Falls is a smaller crowd at the Falls Pool Oasis. Obviously, all new things attract more visitors, just as the slides proved when they debuted last month. So, arguably the best thing about this concept is how it is still a hop, skip, and a jump from its paradise predecessor.


Instead of waiting hours in theme parks lines, visitors will merely have to walk a minute or two to make their next big splash.


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