Moving to Florida? Here Are 7 Basic Things Every Floridian Needs

Stay warm, dry, and stylish all-year long
miami florida beach
Flip-flops are always in season down here. aurora.kreativ/Unsplash

Whether you’re moving to Florida or just coming for a visit, there are things listed here you might not realize you’ll need. Sure, we all know to keep a swimsuit handy but did you remember a sweatshirt? Yes, a sweatshirt, even in the midst of summer. Prepare yourself with the essentials for living your best life in the Sunshine State day after day.

Rain Jacket

woman wearing purple rain jacket
Florida is known for its sudden and intense summertime rainstorms and sometimes an umbrella just isn’t enough to keep dry. Stand up to any storm with this lightweight, hooded jacket from Columbia. It’s breathable, available in a variety of colors and most importantly, 100% waterproof. Also available in Men’s. Amazon


Though many might find Florida humid all-year long, humidity is at its worst during the rainy season, May through October. Many residents fight mold and mildew with dehumidifiers strategically set up somewhere inside of their home. Don’t let the modern design of this one fool you. Available in 3 sizes, prepare to be amazed as this powerhouse sucks up gallons of moisture that would have otherwise been building up bacteria around the nooks and crannies of your house. Amazon

Overnight Bag

brown overnight duffle bag
Weekend trips are common when you live in the Sunshine State. No matter where you are, you’re never too far from a quaint beach town, a historic landmark, or a fast-paced city vibe. A sturdy overnight bag is a must and we love the timeless look of this one. Available in several muted tones, this waxed canvas bag is well-constructed featuring leather corners, metal foot nails at the bottom, and several compartments for storage. Best of all, it’s waterproof, making it ideal for toting around if you get caught in the rain. Amazon


black flip flop sandals
No matter the season, Floridians practically live in flip-flops and you don’t need to be a sandal person to own a pair of Havaianas. Since 1962, these traditional Brazilian sandals are highly recognizable and lauded for their quality craftsmanship and comfort. Whether you’re hitting the beach or running out to Publix for a Pub Sub, nothing beats the ease of sliding on a flip-flop instead of dealing with hot socks and a heavy pair of sneakers. Even better, with over 30 colors to choose from, you’ll have a reason to slip on a different pair all month long. Also available in Men’s Amazon

Ray Ban Original Aviators

ray ban sunglasses
Don’t mess with the classics, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are the perfect unisex accessory for protecting your eyes from the strength of Florida sunshine. With more than 20 selectable styles of metal frames and lenses, there’s a reason why legions of fans still swear by the shades Tom Cruise made famous in Top Gun back in 1986. Want to layer in even more sun protection? Don’t forget your hat. Amazon


black umbrella
The umbrella—never, ever leave home without it. We’re in the subtropics down here and a sun shower or thunderstorm can crop up at any given time despite what the morning meteorologist might have reported. We love this Anntrue super light umbrella for its portability and Teflon repellent coating but most of all, its one-touch open and close is a cinch. Seconds count, so finding an umbrella that doesn’t require a struggle to open and close moments before a tropical storm starts is everything, and this is the one you’ll want when the skies open up. Amazon

Zip Up Hoodie

man wearing black zip up hooded sweatshirt
The average temperature hovers around 92 degrees in July, so it may look like you’ve gone mad when you leave the house with a sweatshirt over your arm but trust me, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go. You can expect any restaurant, shop, or office building in Florida to be air-conditioned but temperatures inside aren’t just cool, they can be downright Arctic. Protect yourself from goosebumps and chattering teeth and always bring a sweatshirt, you won’t regret it. Also available in Women’s Amazon

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