Don't take a chance on running out of candy.Pixabay

Sugary treats might not be in vogue these days with the renewed focus on the nation’s health, but the occasional bite of some delight can turn your day around. For a short nibble between office meetings or just to surprise a loved one, keep a bag of your favorite treats nearby. Here are the candy packs that we are total suckers for.

A taste of summer

This flavor was originally introduced in 1935 and still packs a punch today.Life Savers

Okay trivia fans: You probably figured that Life Savers got its name because the candy’s shape resembles a ring-style life preserver. But did you know the brand itself dates all the way back to 1912 when a candy maker in Ohio invented the treats as a “summer candy” that could stand up to the sultry weather better than chocolate? Stump your sweetheart with that next time you pass him or her a “Wint-O-Green” mint (ahem, this flavor was originally introduced in 1935.)

Nostalgic pick

These flavors are definitely a blast from the past.Ring Pop

These still exist?!? I swear I remember enjoying these treats from Topps in my misspent youth - back in 19… well, you don’t need to know the details. Because we knew you’d ask, the six flavors in this variety are strawberry, blue raspberry, rainbow sherbet freeze, sour cherry, watermelon and berry blast. (Editor’s note: Despite their impressive size and dazzling flavors, these Ring Pops are not an acceptable substitution for an actual engagement ring. Trust me.)

Smiles guaranteed

Each treat wrapped in foil with an inspiring message inside.Dove

True story: I keep bags of Dove bars in my office desk to hand out as “thank-you’s” to coworkers who help me out of jams, but I didn’t know until pretty recently that each treat came with a message inside - all those missed moments of inspiration! (The one I just opened because I have a wicked snack craving after writing this review says “Smiles are free so share them!”) This variety mix includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate (my personal favorite) and caramel chocolate candy.

For all ages ... really

This tangy treat comes in a variety of tongue-tantalizing flavors.Airheads

These gluten-free, peanut-free treats are also kosher. The biggest problem you’ll have with Airheads? Sharing them. Buyers shamelessly admit they often bought them to give away to kids but end up eating them all themselves.