Keep a close eye on your food with a proper grill light.Pixabay

In this go-go-go, never-say-stop world we live in, preparing that nightly feast sometimes has to wait until the sun goes down. Somebody please nominate the inventor of the humble grill light with some worthy prize for allowing backyard chefs to still fire up the grill and cook safely thanks to the illumination those lights provide. Now, there’s no excuse not to plan a barbecue feast any night of the week. Here are several grill lights to help shine a light on your work.

It's actually 9 LED lights, providing super-bright illumination of your cooking area.KOSIN

Short of cooking in the middle of an illuminated NFL stadium, you're not going to find a better way of lighting up your grill at night. This pair of lights feature magnetic bases and gooseneck construction, so mount them anywhere. When you're not using them on the grill, they can do double-duty in a garage, basement or campsite. The lights are powered by six AAA batteries, which are included.

A 22-inch construction means this light can stretch to meet all your needs.LED Concepts

A magnetic base means this light will attach to any metal surface, but an included screw clamp allows it to adapt to non-metallic surfaces as well, making it a great helper for other household chores. The LED energy efficient lighting system also lasts longer than competing lights. It runs on three AAA batteries (not included).

Made with heat-resistant nylon glass fiber, this grill light is built to withstand intense heat.RVZHI

This cordless grill light from RVZHI is easily installed on the grill handle with no tools required. Just slide the adjustable clamp over your handle and tighten. This light is designed to fit most any size grill, so don't sweat it if your tiny hibachi doesn't match up with the neighbor's behemoth outdoor kitchen.

Built to tolerate hot grill temperatures and nighttime cooking in the rain.Cave Tools

Can we just say how much we love the name “Cave Tools?” Aside from that clever marketing, this grill light benefits from its 3 brightness settings, providing powerful illumination up to 100-plus lumens. It’s designed to fit any grill handle - round or rectangular - and offers 360-degree lamp rotation. Special bonus: It comes with 25 barbecue recipes so you can get started grilling right away.