If you have a green thumb - or want to develop one - here are the tools you need.Pixabay

What’s that catchy phrase: gardens not grass? As the world begins to seriously explore the idea of food sustainability, homeowners are turning their lawns into gardens. The result: beautiful harvests of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Outdoor gardening is still hard work. However, a few useful tools will make your time in your gardens so much more fruitful - if you’ll pardon the pun. Here are several must-haves for outdoor gardening fans.

This garden grid assembles in minutes and is weather-proof, making it a great pick for Florida’s tropical seasons.Vita Gardens

Aside from looking great, gardening using a grid keeps moisture in and cuts down on weeds, leading to a greater yield with your veggies and plants. This is a must-have for keeping your garden organized and easy to maintain.

No professionals needed - you can install this lightweight mat yourself.ECOgardener

Thanks to its two-layered, needle-punched construction, ECOgardener’s weed mat works for both warm and cold climates. The mat pulls in air and moisture while keeping the weeds at bay. Once you have a handle on weeds, this hobby is so much more pleasant.

Measure the soil’s moisture, pH value and the sun’s intensity with this battery-free soil meter.Atree

Is there an app for gardening? Probably, but what you really need is a soil meter. Just stick it 4 inches into the soil and you’ll get the reading. Bonus: It works for indoor and outdoor plants.