Bioluminescence Kayak Tour with BK Adventure

Year-round near Orlando

April 7, 2022
bioluminescence kayaking
Bioluminescence Kayak Tours. BK Adventure

Event Details:

BK Adventure offers unique kayak tours operating all-year long, but for those seeking adventurous nighttime action, the bioluminescence tour is the way to go! Spend an evening paddling through Florida’s Indian River or Banana River and watch in amazement as electric-blue, glowing plankton light up the water beneath the stars. During the warmer months (most popular season), bioluminescent dinoflagellates sparkle when the moons shines upon them—while during the cooler months, glowing comb jellies become the big attraction. Any time of year you choose to go, you won’t be disappointed—this tour is a must-do for your Florida bucket list and makes for a magical night of family fun!


Year-round (May – November is most popular)


Starting at $60 per person (includes: guides, kayak and paddle)


Duration: 90 minutes
Ages: 5+
Weight Restrictions Vary
What You Should Bring: Sunblock, insect repellent, towel and water bottle


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For Booking and More Information:

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