Take a Ride on Animal Kingdom’s Na’vi River Journey

The point-of-view video shows the latest 'Avatar' attraction in the Disney theme park


Have you had a chance to check out the two new rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? They’re part of the new Avatar Land, which is based on the 2009 movie by director James Cameron.

Inside The Magic posted this amazing video showing highlights of the boat ride called Na’vi River Journey. It has much of the feel of other Disney boat rides, particularly Pirates of the Caribbean.

Appropriate for all age groups, Na’vi River Journey begins as guests climb into “reed” boats and begin to drift through the waters of Pandora, the fictional home of the indigenous Na’vi. Adventurers pass through caves and past glowing plants and exotic creatures before reaching the “Shaman of Songs.”

The new Avatar land is part of Disney’s quest to extend the opening hours of Animal Kingdom, which previously closed it doors at night.

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