3 Magic Kingdom Resorts That Were Never Built

Original blueprints reveal lodging options we wish existed today.

On October 1, 1971 Walt Disney World made its debut with The Polynesian and Contemporary Resorts. However, early plans reveal three more themed hotels were greenlit and slated for construction along the lakes around the Magic Kingdom as a phase two project. So why were they never built?


The Asian Resort
Slated to open in 1974 on the Seven Seas Lagoon, this Thailand themed hotel would’ve been connected to the park as a monorail stop and had more than 500 rooms.

The Venetian Resort
Across the Seven Seas Lagoon, plans were drawn up for The Venetian. The hotel was set to feature a replica of the San Marco Campanile, the iconic bell tower in the center of St. Mark’s Square, as the focal point. The concept also envisioned small waterways for guests to ride gondolas around the premises.

The Persian Resort
On Bay Lake, the lake adjacent to the Seven Seas Lagoon, The Persian Resort imagined an extraordinary palace that would’ve included a 24-foot dome structure as the epicenter of the property for the lobby, shops, and restaurants. Guest rooms were planned to surround the main area, offering premium lake views. Another exciting element was the idea that the monorail station from the resort to The Magic Kingdom would have passed through Tomorrowland and into the park.

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