These Airports Have the Longest Wait Times in the U.S.

Three Florida airports made the Top 5 list of longest waits, according to a Bounce report
People waiting at an airport
Miami, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood and Orlando airports often frustrate passengers with long wait times. Unsplash

Air travel can often be a struggle between maintaining your inner zen and navigating tremendously frustrating hurdles that are beyond your control. To help airline passengers plan ahead, the luggage storage website Bounce has ranked U.S. airports by longest wait times.

Three Florida airports – Miami, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood and Orlando – made the Top 5 list.

Bounce’s ranking combines the average security wait times and the average passport control wait times to arrive at a combined wait time, which is listed here:

  1. JFK, New York (48:24)
  2. San Francisco International (47.18)
  3. Miami International (45:54)
  4. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (42:00)
  5. Orlando International (40:12)
  6. Seattle-Tacoma International (39:42)
  7. St. Louis Lambert International (39:36)
  8. Daniel K. Inouye International, Honolulu (37:54)
  9. San Diego International (37:48)
  10. O’Hare International, Chicago (36:54)

No Florida airports made Bounce’s list of the shortest wait times.

Palm Beach International did get the dubious distinction of having the longest security wait times at 34 minutes and 6 seconds. But Palm Beach also had the shortest passport control wait time at 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International was tapped as the airport with the longest passport control wait time at 25 minutes and 54 seconds. Miami was tied for third place with 23 minutes and 12 seconds.

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