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As a dog owner myself, you should know it was nearly impossible to select which dog accounts to feature here because of course, they are all incredibly adorable. Profiles were not selected by follower count, location or breed. We do not have close, personal relationships with any of these dogs (though we wish we did). They are all just fun-loving, Florida-based, four-legged cuties that are living the good life and bringing smiles to those around them. I guess we’ll just have to revisit this topic from time to time to share some new faces.

Name: Mr. Henri Lano

A post shared by Mr. Henri Lano (@imwithhenri) on Dec 14, 2016 at 5:59am PST

Hometown: Orlando + Beyond
Breed: French Bulldog
Henri’s a traveler with a home base in Orlando where he’s very much a part of the local scene. He can be found hanging out at craft breweries, great restaurants, or thrifting in Mt. Dora. Heck, I ran into him (before I knew he was Instafamous) last December at a holiday event, where I bore witness to his popularity as myself and others gathered around to give him smooches and rubs. Don’t let his chill vibe intimidate you, he’s a sweetheart.

Name: Balou

Hometown: Naples
Breed: French Bulldog
At first glance, it’s easy to assume that Balou lives a charmed life down in tropical Naples. He’s driving fast cars, floating in pools, he’s putting in time at the gym—you get the idea. But Balou gives back, he’s got a heart of gold and works as a therapy dog at HarborChase Memory Care. For the responsibility he shoulders, it’s important he’s happy and takes care of himself because he’s giving a whole lot of love to those that need it most.

Name: Cooper

A post shared by Cooper V. (@hangingwithmistercooper) on Oct 4, 2017 at 5:26am PDT

Hometown: Central Florida
Breed: Labradoodle
Cooper has the sweetest little teddy bear-esque, Labradoodle face we ever did see. He’s still young, but by the looks of his account, he’s already taking an interest in the outdoors. He likes to go biking and he’s wild about the beach in the summer. With his kind eyes, enthusiasm, and affable spirit, we’re excited to watch him mature into a well-rounded, gentlemen.

Name: Enzo & Zeus

A post shared by Enzo & Zeus (@iggysquared) on Dec 12, 2015 at 6:51am PST

Hometown: Somewhere in Florida
Breed: Italian Greyhound
These two brothers caught our eye immediately with their strikingly chiseled features and sharp sense of style. They have big innocent eyes but we can tell that these two are roughhousing when mom and dad aren’t looking. They have a positive outlook on life and see the dawn of each new day as another opportunity to have some fun.

Name: Josie

Hometown: Vero Beach
Breed: Bull Terrier
Josie is one pampered pup. In most of her photos, she’s lounging on the couch, sunning herself on the deck, or just completely passed out in her family’s arms. I suspect she’s not very active (no judgment) but what she lacks in movement, she makes up for in pure love. Everyone in the house is crazy about her and regardless of any mischievous behavior, she remains undeniably cuddly and we’re here for it.

Name: Dottie

A post shared by Dot of Orlando (@darling_dottie) on Sep 18, 2017 at 5:31pm PDT

Hometown: Orlando
Breed: Schnauzer
Dottie just gets it. Her calendar is always full and she’s well-traveled. For someone always on the go, she never lets the hustle get her down. She’s upbeat, has a great wardrobe and does not want to be left out of anything. She’s still a youthful pup, but she’s already wise beyond her years.

Name: Wicket

Hometown: Jacksonville
Breed: Pomeranian + Husky Mix
Dapper, self-aware and confident are the words I’d use to describe Wicket. He has his finger on the pulse of everything that’s happening inside of his home and out at the park, he’s always listening whether you realize it or not. But he likes to have fun too, he’s into video games, comic books, and dabbles in cosplay.

Name: Lucy

A post shared by Lucytalbot (@lucytalbot2010) on Feb 25, 2017 at 5:58pm PST

Hometown: Central Florida
Breed: Boston Terrier
Lucy is a supermodel, the camera loves her and she knows it. She owns it. When she’s not posing for well-lit photos, she’s not afraid to be silly and play dress up. She loves cats, dogs and stuffed animals. From what we can tell, she spends a lot of time on Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida—where she’s likely shopping for some new threads, people watching and getting loads of belly rubs from strangers on the street.

Name: Atticus

Hometown: Somewhere in Florida
Breed: Cavalier
If you look up “puppy-dog eyes” in the dictionary, you’ll see a photo of Atticus. How can anyone ever say no to that face? He is soft and floofy and besides being unbearably cute 24/7, he has a thirst for knowledge. He’s already acing every exam he takes, this kid is gonna go far, he’s got it all.

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