Where to Drink Coffee in Florida Right Now

Here’s where the locals fuel up to get caffeinated

In the age of Instagram it’s impossible to scroll through your feed without seeing a bit of latte art. Sure, we’re well aware of the exact locations to every corporate joint with the green mermaid on its cup and of course $1.99 diner brew from mom-and-pop shops will always have a special place in our hearts, but at these third wave Florida coffee shops adored by locals, you’ll find superior roasts and a pretty unique space to sip it in.

Vagabond Coffee

Jacksonville, FL Serving up some of the best coffee in Jacksonville, this cozy and inviting Murray Hill spot is an indie neighborhood favorite. Pick your poison, from vein-jolting espressos to nitro-infused cold-brews, you can’t go wrong with any beverage on the menu—and don’t miss out on the fresh pastries to accompany that exceptional cup of joe.


Foxtail Coffee

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Various locations (Central Florida) Sourcing the finest beans from sustainable farms around the world, locals love the brewed-to-order single-origin coffees which can be made by siphon, French press or pour-over and non-coffee drinkers rave about the matcha tea latte. A high-quality cup is not the only reason to check out Foxtail, the lofty space designed with wooden beams and modern black tile is drop-dead gorgeous.

Concord Coffee

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Lakeland, FL Located in historic downtown Lakeland, Concord is serving up delightful pour-overs and cold-brews. In addition to their coffee bar, you’ll also find a great tea selection and knowledgeable servers.

The Lab Coffee

Tampa, FL The first of its kind in the Southeast, The Lab is both a collaborative roasting facility as well as a retail space open to the public. The open-concept, community vibe offers the opportunity to try really interesting next level blends in a straightforward, stripped-down atmosphere.


Perq Coffee Bar

Sarasota, FL Every cup at Perq is brewed with precision and only the purest ingredients. Here you’ll find single-origin sourced coffees with a bold complexity guaranteed to wake you up and leave you feeling good about your environmentally responsible morning java.

Subculture Coffee

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West Palm Beach, FL Small batch roasting practices are what sets Subculture apart from the rest. Beans are roasted daily in their facility, then immediately delivered to the shop ensuring the freshest morning cup. Striving to create the best possible community experience, Subculture often hosts collaborative events with other local food artisans and artists.

All Day

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Miami, FL In the latest edition of Miami’s super cool places to see-and-be-seen, All Day brings exceptional coffee into a bright, simplistic surrounding. Don’t let the designer aesthetics fool you, coffee is serious business here—the rotating drink special incorporates seasonal surprises with a caffeinated punch, there’s a reimagined Thai iced coffee amped up with xocolatl mole bitters, and they’re even producing house-made almond milk and syrups.

Mountaineer Coffee

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Brooksville, FL About an hour north of Tampa you’ll find Mountaineer—the dark, understated building screams hipster chic among its historic, brick downtown neighbors. The dedicated husband and wife team are committed to supplying this quaint town with only the best daily roasted beans. With a flat white and a homemade pop-tart in your hand, you’ll never know you were miles away from the big city.

Bandit Coffee

St. Petersburg, FL Proudly serving single-origin coffee, this minimalist multi-roaster coffeehouse intentionally keeps a limited menu. You won’t find an array of mixers to alter the flavor of your iced coffee but you will find delicious, carefully selected blends, silky espresso pulled on a beautiful Slayer machine, and friendly service.

Credo Coffee

Orlando, FL This globally conscious, non-profit coffee shop deals in direct-trade. With suggested prices on the menu, the shop’s donations-only model gives the community a chance to think twice about the well-balanced latte in their hand and the opportunity to make a personal impact in the lives of the farmers they support.

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