Best Halloween Costumes for Adults

Halloween costume

Who says Halloween is only for kids? Few things are as much fun as an adults-only Halloween party. For starters, the “treats” are more indulgent and the costumes are a really a chance to express yourself. If you’re not handy at the needle and thread and need some help with an idea, here are the Halloween costumes for adults that caught our eye.

alien costume

Out of this world

It’s okay to get carried away with this unique idea, which includes an electric fan to keep our special visitor fully engaged. Amazon

To be honest, nothing scares me more than the idea of alien abduction. I still can’t fully wrap my mind around “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” because it invites a week’s worth of nightmares into my head. So it’s with much careful consideration I endorse this inflatable alien costume. I’ve seen YouTube videos of people running around in it, and it’s so incredibly lifelike. It’s made from a durable polyester material that’s waterproof and difficult to tear, so have some fun without any worries.

Buy Now: Inflatable Alien Costumes

loofah costume

Good clean fun

This is a smart pick for any time of year, not just the fall holidays. Amazon

We’re all smiles with this “clean-humored” idea. (Ralph Macchio had a similar sharp pick when he dressed as a shower in the first “Karate Kid” movie.) The outfits are unisex and come with bubble balloons, a shower cap, a soap bar jumpsuit and a loofah jumpsuit. They’re made of a soft but sturdy material, but we still recommend a gentle hand wash and air drying for proper cleaning.

Buy Now: Loofah and Soap Costume

butterfly costume

Take flight

Loops at the end of each section – one on each side – go on the finger like a ring to help hold the outfit up. Amazon

What is it that makes the butterfly such a soothing symbol in American culture? Centuries ago, Native American tribes believed butterflies to represent change and transformation as well as hope and comfort. (It’s even believed the butterflies were how deceased ancestors communicated with the living.) There are six different prints to choose from – each is printed on just one side of the wing. The outfit includes a black velvet antenna headband.

Buy Now: Butterfly Wing Cape Shawl with Lace Mask and Black Velvet Antenna Headband

bumblebee costume

Buzz off

This comes with a tunic with attached wings and a stinger plus a headpiece hoodie with an antenna. Just add a black shirt and leggings. Amazon

Does anyone remember the Killer Bees skit on TV’s “Saturday Night Live?” It marked the first appearance of John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd performing as a blues duo and was supposed to be a one-off skit. Instead, it became a recurring gag through the first season of the landmark TV series. Now you can recreate your own hive of bees with this outfit, which is designed in female sizes.

Buy Now: Kangaroo Bumble Bee Costume Adult with Head Piece

LED mask

Pretty creepy

It uses premium PVC and cold light wire so there’s no UV harm or any other adverse effects. It’s also non-toxic to the environment. Amazon

I stopped watching horror movies in the mid-’80s so if there’s a cultural touchstone to these outfits, I’m blissfully unaware. Your friends will be all smiles when you show up in these costumes, which are perfect for Halloween, masquerade balls or carnival events. The padded mask fits most adult and kid faces. You’ll just need to find your own black jumpsuit to make the outfit complete.

Buy Now: Halloween Mask LED Light up Mask

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